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Enthusiasts: Deutsche Bahn: On this route to Cologne, the journey will soon take considerably longer

Bahn wants to convert freight wagons in mobile workshops

 Bahn wants to convert freight wagons in mobile workshops to 2030 around half a million freight wagons are to be equipped with a new digital clutch system - but the current workshop capacities at the European railway companies are not sufficient. Deutsche Bahn is therefore experimenting with mobile workshop tents, so-called pop-up workshops. With them, the freight wagons near their locations, for example in industrial customers, can be converted in a short time and during ongoing operation.

Cologne/Mainz - in December the travel times on the route between Mainz and Cologne will extend. The reason for this is construction work. The route between Boppard and Werlau (Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis) is also affected.

Fernverkehr-Reisende müssen sich im Dezember auf längere Fahrzeiten zwischen Mainz und Köln sowie Boppard und Werlau einstellen. Thomas Banneyer/dpa © Thomas Banneyer/dpa Fern traffic travelers in December have to prepare for longer travel times between Mainz and Cologne as well as Boppard and Werlau. Thomas Banneyer/dpa

The IC and ICE trains would be diverted via an alternative connection, which delays the travel time by up to 30 minutes, the Deutsche Bahn (DB) announced this Wednesday. In addition, long -distance trains could not stop at all stations.

e-mobility: Out of the Ford Fiesta in Cologne

 e-mobility: Out of the Ford Fiesta in Cologne It is the end of an era. Ford has confirmed that the small car Fiesta should no longer run off the assembly line in Cologne from next year. At the end of June 2023, production in the Niehler plant ends. © Picture Alliance/DPA Production of the Ford Fiesta in the plant in Cologne-Niehl Ford focuses fully on electromobility. The Cologne plant has been converted and upgraded to the construction of electric cars for months.

Which stops can be found out exactly, passengers could find out via the DB information system, said a railway spokesman. Alternatively, the stations can be reached through local transport.

An exception applies to the RE 2nd from December 12th to 22nd, the Mainz-Roman Theater, Mainz-Bischofsheim, Rüsselsheim, Frankfurt (Main) Airport, Frankfurt-Stadion and Frankfurt-Niederrad are canceled on this route.

In addition, DB uses buses from December 27th to 31st in local transport between Mainz and Koblenz for the RE 2, RE 17 and RB 26.

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The 49-euro ticket: Industry between euphoria and skepticism

 The 49-euro ticket: Industry between euphoria and skepticism The transport companies are not feasible in January. Realistic is an introduction on March 1, said Oliver Wolff, managing director of the Association of German Transport Companies, on Thursday of the German Press Agency in Berlin. The ticket cannot be implemented in a short period of time. Wolff continued that the ticket will also be available in paper form for a transition period.

from December 12th to 22nd, according to DB, the tracks on the Cologne-Mainz route are renewed . Between December 27 and 30, the construction work between Boppard and Werlau will take place.

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Airport Cologne/Bonn: New operator for the Duty Free area .
The Airport Cologne/Bonn has a new partner for expanding his Duty free areas as part of a Europe-wide tender with the Turkish operator "Setur Duty Free" won. Both in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, new sales areas will be created, the passengers in Cologne/Bonn will also offer a high level of quality of stay within the shops in addition to a modern shopping experience. The sales areas are located in the security area, i.e. behind the person control points.

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