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Enthusiasts: Protocol tour: Onenote is provided in team meetings for the standard

Depeche Mode announces a new album and an international tour with four dates in France

 Depeche Mode announces a new album and an international tour with four dates in France © Yves-Marie Quemener/Archives Ouest France Dave Gahan, singer of the Depeche Mode group at the Vieilles Charrues festival on July 19, 2018. The British group Announces the release of a new album for 2023, a few months after the disappearance of its founder Andy Fletcher. A world tour will follow, the group's first for five years. Four dates are planned in France.

OneNote Titelbild © by Dr. Windows Onenote Cover

Every meeting created in Microsoft Team will automatically receive an OneNote section in order to keep the protocol and to manufacture meeting notes. A corresponding function is currently under development.

meeting notes are already available within teams. The description in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap suggests that they will be wired with OneNote in the future and then available within the personal OneNote environment. The tracking of tasks that were defined during the meeting should also make it easier.

Integration into the personal OneNote is helpful on the one hand for quick access, at the same time you wonder if there can be a problem with the clarity if you have a lot of appointments. The optical implementation can therefore be excited if the innovation is introduced in January 2023.

I'm still looking for the "Best Practice" in the interaction of OneNote and teams. I am in some bodies that regularly meet in the same line -up, we have set up our own team for them and also created an OneNote there. If an additional person is invited to a meeting and not everything should see everything, the problems start. I would be extremely grateful for glorious ideas in the comments on how to solve this perfectly.

2023 Honda Civic Type R First Drive Review: The Hooligan Grows Up .
Even with newfound refinement, Honda's sweet little hot hatch will still give you the giggles.Seriously, Max is freaking caning the Civic. And from the passenger seat, all I can do is giggle, too. The Civic Type R clearly loves being thrashed, and at the hands of an F1 champ, this car's inner hooligan has every opportunity to shine. That inherent playfulness was one of the previous Civic Type R's best traits, and not an ounce of that spirit was lost in the development of the new car. Instead, Honda worked on smoothing out many of Type R's rougher edges, and the Civic is better for it.

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