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Enthusiasts: Helene Fischer had to give her mother promise for new tour 2023

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Helene Fischer had to promise her mother for new tour 2023

Helene Fischer enthusiastically inspires at her concerts with daring artistic elements. She knows that this can be very dangerous. Therefore, her mother's hit queen had to make a promise for her tour in 2023.

Montreal/Canada - After five years, Helene Fischer (38) is finally going on a tour of Germany. Preparations for the record show are already underway. As fans of the Schlager Queen are used to, there will be breathtaking - sometimes dangerous - acrobatics. To the dismay of Mama Fischer and her friends.

dance, artistry, water and fire: Helene Fischer wants to "do something very big together"

Helene Fischer is planning something very special for her tour 2023. 40 musicians, dancers and artists are part of the mega production, and there will also be a water basin and a fire ring. "We want to do something very big and magical and kidnap the audience from their everyday life," said Helene Fischer enthusiastically.

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  Helene Fischer musste ihrer Mutter Versprechen für neue Tour 2023 geben © provided by TZ Photo © Imago / Image agency MONN Imago / Future Image

So that is of course already diligently trained. On Instagram, Helene Fischer, one of the greatest German hit stars ever, recently shared insights into the rehearsals of her mega tour. In the videos you can also see how the pop singer practices impressive lifting figures with her acrobats or flies through the air on the trapeze. In the RTL interview, Helene Fischer now reveals that her mom is worried about these daring tricks.

Helene Fischer has to promise her mother that the next stage show will be less dangerous

Helene Fischer does not assume that she is secured on stage during the artistic performances, she says in the RTL interview. Acrobatics at lofty height without a fuse? The pop singer is well aware of the danger and also knows that it would prefer her family and friends to do without it.

That is why it won't be quite as daring next year. "I promised my mum and my friends that I am no longer doing anything dangerous," reveals Helene Fischer. However, she does not want to do without the acrobatics elements: "But we also need a small AHA effect on stage".

So that the pop singer also holds out the high workload, Helene Fischer is already starting to work on her physical fitness. It is aware that this will not be easy after a three -year break and pregnancy. Sources used: RTL

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