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Enthusiasts: Music: Jacques Dutronc interrupts the tour with his son Thomas and "farewells" to scene

Depeche Mode announces a new album and an international tour with four dates in France

 Depeche Mode announces a new album and an international tour with four dates in France © Yves-Marie Quemener/Archives Ouest France Dave Gahan, singer of the Depeche Mode group at the Vieilles Charrues festival on July 19, 2018. The British group Announces the release of a new album for 2023, a few months after the disappearance of its founder Andy Fletcher. A world tour will follow, the group's first for five years. Four dates are planned in France.

Thomas Dutronc aux côtés de son père Jacques Dutronc pour le lancement de la tournée Dutronc & Dutronc, en avril 2022. © AFP/Bertrand Guay Thomas Dutronc alongside his father Jacques Dutronc for the launch of the Dutronc & Dutronc tour, in April 2022.

on tour since April 2022 with his son Thomas, the famous singer Jacques Dutronc decided to withdraw from the scene after a performance at Accor Arena in Paris, while other concerts were planned in France until February 2023.

"It stops because my father prefers to stop now". Jacques Dutronc , 79, put an end prematurely on the common tour with his son, says Thomas Dutronc this Thursday, December 22 on RTL radio. "It's his kind of not doing too much, he prefers to be rare [...] We have the impression of stopping in the middle of a tour," he continues.

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 shock for fans of Rammstein: Till Lindemann says tour - that is the reason and that happens with the tickets for many fans of Rammstein, it was sad news that has spread like a running fire in the past few days: Till Lindemann , the front man of the Berlin rocker, canceled his solo tour planned for this year! In addition to working with Rammstein, the Berliner is also on the road, wanted to play his show "I hate children" in several cities in Eastern Europe.

Father and son therefore occurred the day before the Accor Arena in Paris the day before. A press release sent by the press service press service, entitled "Jacques Dutronc paid for his last tour", even talks about the "farewells of Jacques to the scene".

But Thomas Dutronc is not as final. "I am sure he will regret not continuing, because we (had) made a show to the little onions. He sang wonderfully, a really fabulous voice, ”he adds to RTL's microphone.

True farewells?

Surprised feedback is common in show business, even at advanced ages. At 75, Michel Sardou had assured the Parisian that he stopped the scene in 2021, before announcing in this same newspaper (and in other media) last November that he was going to go back there in 2023.

after From 60 years of career, Jacques Dutronc had only accepted at the request of his son to get out of his musical retirement in Corsica. "It is true that he did not return home, in Corsica, throughout the tour," adds Thomas Dutronc on RTL. "He stayed on the continent, it is not easy. And then, he will be 80 years old (in April). He worries about not holding up. " Then to conclude: "Anyway, whatever he chose, he would not have been happy. I know him. Him, the concerts, he loves. This is all that is around that is a bit complicated. »

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To mark the stop of the tour, the clip of I did not (eternal until tomorrow) was put online this Thursday, December 22, including the Words, written by Thomas, and sung with his father, are clearly inspired by the famous dilettantism of man with cigar and black glasses.

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"He will regret": Thomas Dutronc confides in the end of his joint tour with his father .
© Coadic Guirec / Bestimage "He will regret": Thomas Dutronc confides in the judgment of his joint tour With his father Thursday, December 22, 2022, Thomas Dutronc spoke at the microphone of RTL on the stop of the "Dutronc & Dutronc" tour which he shares with his father Jacques. It was the latter who decided to delete the latest dates, a choice that his son understands because of his health even if he would have preferred to continue.

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