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Enthusiasts: nantes. Guardian party at the Arts Museum: please be touched!

Museum Barberini again opens

 Museum Barberini again opens After attack on paintings, after the climate activist attack on a Monet painting, the Barberini Museum in Potsdam opens again on Monday. The house has been closed since last Tuesday, which has mainly housed the valuable collection of art patron Hasso Plattner. Because of the attack, the museum wanted to advise on the protection of the works of art. It is also about the current surrealism exhibition with works by Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst or René Magritte.

Six vrais gardiens sur scène, dans leur propre rôle, avec, pour scène, le musée même. © Fluy trend. Yohanne Lamoulere six real guards on stage, in their own role, with, for stage, the museum itself.

Guarantors of "not touching", they touch these six museum guards that Mohamed El Khatib and Valérie Mréjen in Guardien Party puts us on stage. A creation to see in the Nantes art museum until November 26.

They are museum guardians and in guardian party, playwright Mohamed El Khatib and the writer Valérie Mréjen give them the floor. Reversal of the situation, we are at the museum, not to look at the works but to look at them, they , the guards who watch us watch works. Or rather, they who look at us do not look at them and they tell it mercilessly. They, to whom we hardly speak. “People don't ask us for much: Matisse, Chagall and the toilets !!!

nantes. Tissus Métis will celebrate its 30th anniversary in December

 nantes. Tissus Métis will celebrate its 30th anniversary in December © Ouest-France The Métis Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary, Friday 9 and Saturday 10 December 2022, with a whole program prepared by the association. More than 30 shows will be on the program for two days of celebration, Friday 9 and Sunday 10 December, at the Cité des Congrès in Nantes. The association that works to live together in neighborhoods has planned concerts, a conference and exchange times. Diversity, equality, solidarity, have been the three pillars of Métis for thirty years.

Margarita, Russian, Seung Hee, the scathing Japanese student

We are listening to them, them invisible, asked to say as little as possible. Or: "Do not touch", non-stop. And this time, they are the ones who touch us. They touch us deeply when they tell us about boredom, contempt ... They also make us laugh a lot about these six real guards who come out their tongue from their pocket of sunset and swing in their native language: Margarita, Russian, who " begins to have the age of certain works ”; Seung Hee, the scathing Japanese student; Carolina, the malicious Swedish; Robert, the Moma guardian incisor; David, from the Louvre Bac plus 5; and Jean-Paul, of Nantes, the dancer reclassified in love with the parquet floors and the Camargo . It is clear that after this piece, we will never watch them the same again. Neither is the works.

Until Saturday, November 26, at the Nantes Museum of Arts, at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. This is full now but you can try your luck on site.

Map. Street-art, climbing and sciences: seven stages for a family walk in Rennes .
© ARCHIVES OUEST-FRANCE A 900 m² wall on Boulevard Colombier, in Rennes, was invested by artists. The Tour of Carrousel and the gourmet passage by the stores of rue Vasselot are among the essential stages for a family walk in Rennes. But it is also an opportunity to take an interest in art in the streets and the museum, and why not do a little climbing ... "Voyages to the west" takes you for a seven stages. © Archives Ouest-France L’Espace Sciences des Champs Libres, in Rennes.

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