Enthusiasts: Rare Mopar Swap Meet Gold From The Spring Fling!

Mopar '17 Dodge Challenger Celebrates 80 Years of Aftermarket Brand

  Mopar '17 Dodge Challenger Celebrates 80 Years of Aftermarket Brand Two-tone color scheme makes these Challengers popArriving in dealerships during the second quarter of this year, the Mopar Challenger comes with special badging, body colors, performance parts, and other upgrades. Buyers can choose one of the following two-tone color schemes: Pitch Black/Contusion Blue and Pitch Black/Billet Silver. Mopar will build 80 copies of each version, honoring the 80 years Mopar has been in business.

There's not a Mopar guy on the planet who hasn't at one time spent massive amounts of time looking for a new project or parts for one. You might even argue that guys don't finish projects because they're having too much fun digging through swap meets. There is an art to spotting a rare widget in a huge box of junk, but there are telltale signs that you might be looking in the right place.

Bolt-On 169 HP To Any 392ci Dodge Scat Pack!

  Bolt-On 169 HP To Any 392ci Dodge Scat Pack! Boost is not created equally—in fact there’s a variety of ways to apply forced induction to your Mopar. One of the most popular is with a centrifugal supercharger, and for over 20 years ATI ProCharger has been engineering bolt-on intercooled supercharger kits that dramatically increase horsepower for popular muscle cars.Mopar owners can, of course, get forced induction from the factory with the 707hp Hellcat, but not everyone can swing one of those bad kitties. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a dramatic increase in power on your V8 Challenger—all you have to do is supercharge it.

mopar-car-show-cpw-2017-spring-fling-photo-highlights-20.jpg© Steve Ridlon mopar-car-show-cpw-2017-spring-fling-photo-highlights-20.jpg

A lot of swap meet sellers specialize in the cars they like, so if there's a fender and a grille for '68 Road Runner laying in front, there's a good chance you might find other parts from the same car. Even if they don't have what you need, their interest in that model may very well help you find exactly what you want somewhere else.

mopar-car-show-cpw-2017-spring-fling-photo-highlights-30© Steve Ridlon mopar-car-show-cpw-2017-spring-fling-photo-highlights-30

The swap meet is also a good place to find a new project. Many guys bring their old parts cars or barnyard finds to sell. The cash provides funding for a more important project back home or for parts a seller might buy from another vendor. Other guys may be trying to move up the ladder or thin their collection, in which case many deals can be found. Incomplete projects are another thing you frequently see. When frustration or impatience sets in, that's the time to pounce on a deal and bone up on your negotiation chops. This is old-school commerce at its best!

Gallery: Inside the Wellborn Musclecar Museum

  Gallery: Inside the Wellborn Musclecar Museum There are few museums out there like the Wellborn Musclecar Museum, and that’s a good thing.The museum is housed in an old dealership but at one time was an antique store, and after that usefulness ran out, it was just storage. That's where Tim Wellborn came in. Wanting to give back to his community, he bought the old, dilapidated dealership and re-fashioned it into the Wellborn Musclecar Museum.

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