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Enthusiasts: Teslas Market power in Norway continues to grow

Lome Voodoo Market - Togos Bizarre Tourist Attraction

 Lome Voodoo Market - Togos Bizarre Tourist Attraction On the Voodoo Market in Togos Capital Lome you can buy all kind of fetish from monkey hands to human skull. For the locals he is a normal bazaar, because Voodoo is still an important religion in Africa. The market attracts more and more tourists. in the middle of Togo's capital is a bizarre places: The Lome Voodoo Market, also known as the Akodessewa Fetish market or Marché aux fetiches. There you can buy everything there, which has to do with Voodoo spell.

in Norway, the pre-time land for the introduction of E-cars, a new-admission record of streams could be achieved in the month of August. A total of over 70 percent of all new registrations were e-cars. From the boom of the E-Auto industry, the American company Tesla is particularly benefiting. Model Y was able to secure the first place of the best-selling cars.

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• Norway is considered the showcase country in terms of electromobility

• In August 2021, a new record of E-Auto new registrations could be achieved

• Tesla benefits - New Model Y that Best Selling Car Model in August

Electric Autopionier: First Ecostroma Tariff: Tesla wants to mix the German electricity market

 Electric Autopionier: First Ecostroma Tariff: Tesla wants to mix the German electricity market Electric Autopionier Tesla urges the German electricity market. A first regional tariff is already available, no later than 2022, it could give nationwide Tesla electricity according to a report. © Picture Alliance / Chris Carlson Ladest Stations of Tesla, the electric car disk wants to get big in the electricity market Tesla boss Elon Musk has great in Germany. That he builds in Brandenburg just the first Tesla factory in Europe is likely to have spoken around.

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New sales record for E-Cars in August 2021 in Norway

August in Norway, a total of 16,427 cars were released in Norway. According to the OFV, the public road information agency, E cars with 71.9 percent had the largest share of new registrations. Thus, the previous record could be broken from December 2020, where 67 percent of all newly authorized vehicles were electrically operated. If you meet pure electric cars and rechargeable hybrids, the proportion of new registrations is even 88 percent, as reported by the BUSINESSPORTAL Norway. By 2025, only emission-free cars should be admitted to Norway.

Tesla with the highest sales figures in August

The list of best-selling car brands is listed by Tesla . A total of 2,083 cars have been admitted to Norway in August. Just behind it, Volkswagen recorded with 2,028 approvals. The list of best-selling car models is also led by Teslas Model Y. Thus, the new Tesla model left both the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the VW ID.4 behind. In the fourth place then follows Tesla, with his model 3. However, the significance of sales or admission numbers of individual months is limited, since the deliveries of vehicles are often cyclical. In the case of Teslas, much of the exported vehicles occur in the last month of each quarter. Based on the complete third quarter, Tesla was also able to catch up massively and is located just behind Volkswagen in place 2 of all automakers. When the current trend stops, Tesla should soon be in the first place here, so the online portal Teslamag.

Nearly 80% of Norway's new car sales are electric

  Nearly 80% of Norway's new car sales are electric Nearly 80% of Norway's new car sales are electricThe country has been a global leader in switching to electric vehicles and seeks to become the first to end the sale of petrol and diesel engines by 2025.

Electric Car Country Norway

Electric cars are particularly subsidized in Norway, which is why these vehicles are often much more attractive for the buyer in the purchase, as models with internal combustion engine. This promotion is also reflected in the sales figures. Based on the new registrations in the first 8 months in 2021, gasoline engineers in Norway still come to a market share of 4.9 percent and diesel vehicles to about 4.7 percent. Whereas pure e-cars reach a share of 60.1 and hybrids a share of 30.3 percent, as the automotive week reports. For comparison: In Germany, the market share of newly authorized E-cars lies according to ADAC most recently at just under 11 percent, while hybrids could reach almost 13 percent. Editorial

Honda, Lexus top J.D. Power ALG Residual Value awards .
If you want a car that will hold its value better than anything else, go Japanese.The 2022 ALG Residual Value Awards are in, and, according to an announcement made by J.D. Power on Thursday, when it comes to resale values, you still can't beat a Japanese car -- especially if that car is a Honda or a Lexus , which won overall for best mass-market and best premium residual values, respectively.

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