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Neeva - that's the name of the new Google competition, which is chargeable, but is completely advertising-free and thus works without the tracking of user data.

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Five US dollars per month: So much the novel search engine called Neeva, which now costs the old search engine giant Google Competition power. However, this is available for the time being only in the USA. Although Neeva was designed by ex-Google employees, but the principle of the innovative search engine is different in many ways from the well-known Google model. While using Google free of charge, Neeva charges a usage fee of five US dollars a month. The advantage of the paid Neeva search engine is that the tracking of the search engine users to create a user profile is completely eliminated and therefore no personalized advertising can be switched. How to remove the following

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contribution, Neeva also wants to do without switching from advertising.

Did You Know That Up To 40% of Search Results on Major Search Engines Are Ads? With Neeva, You Get 100%


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The Neeva Principle triggered the design of a search engine that can not operate intrusive tracking through the aim of generating "organic" search results. That is, search results that are not corrupted by the presence of advertising. The conviction of the Neeva makers is clearly clear in a blog post on the corporate website: "Mainstream search engines are no longer primarily the user. They are dotted with advertising that push the organic search results completely downwards. What is a good meant Began to organize the information in the world, has turned into a company that focuses most of its resources on the monetization of clicks to support advertising customers ". The Motives of the Neeva Macher

that the financial aspect is in the foreground in known search engines, should probably be obvious. As T3n explains, even about 40 percent of the search results resulted from an average Google search exist, exists or advertising. NEEVAS algorithms, on the other hand, should ensure that only results real relevance appear. "Neeva was built on the premise that the search should focus on the consumer, and only to the consumer, not on advertisers. Search results should always prioritize the search for the best answer to the question of a consumer - not the sale of advertising or The persecution of our subscription-based model is the first step in creating a practicable search alternative for consumers based on trust and transparency, "explains Sridhar Ramaswamy, boss and co-founder of Neeva.

Neeva also offers users an implemented advertising blocker and thus a completely anonymous search. Furthermore, calendars, cloud storage platforms and e-mail accounts can be stored in Neeva to find it faster. Also a prioritization of sources is possible.inna Warkus / Editorial Finanzen.net

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