Enthusiasts: in Angoulême, the Museum of the BD reaches historical record records

Grand Palace, Quai Branly, Museon Arlaten ... What to do during the museum night?

 Grand Palace, Quai Branly, Museon Arlaten ... What to do during the museum night? © AFP Concerts, DJ Sets, Escape Game, Opera ... On the occasion of the museum night, organized Saturday night, visitors can make free in the museums where many events are organized for young and old . Europe 1 has selected unmissable events. The 17th edition of the European museum night * takes place on Saturday night. From 18 hours to midnight, small and large animations are organized in 1,300 museums of France.

This is an exceptional summer season for the international city of comics and the image of Angoulême. The museum attracted nearly 20,000 visitors. Never seen at this time of year.

  À Angoulême, le musée de la BD atteint des records d’affluence historiques © Provided by franceinfo

Visitors are very numerous to have wanderer, between June and at the end of August, in the aisles of the Museum of Angoulême BD . 19 745 Very exactly. Either 32% increase compared to the summer of 2020, which had already been a good cru.

The museum apparently did not suffer from the sanitary pass, unlike other cultural places. Many tourists - 62% of visitors - took advantage of a passage in the region to discover the proposed exhibitions. Among them, 17% of Francilians. The museum has also welcomed many primo visitors, nearly a third. Good figures awarded to the desire of the public to find the path of exhibitions after months of confinement.

Technik Museum Pütnitz In the future with seafielder exhibition

 Technik Museum Pütnitz In the future with seafielder exhibition in the Technik Museum Purtnitz on the Saaler Bodden, an exhibition with seafluets is built in model growing size. Sea flyers are planes that can start and land on the water. The military location of Pütnitz was founded in the mid-1930s for the sea flying, said Museum Chief Frank Müller-Meinke. There these seaplanes were built and the pilots have been formed. It is also planned to build one of the aircraft themselves. Visitors could see the seafiest exhibition grow in construction.

"There was some frustration compared to this health situation that did not see a number of operations," says Pierre Lungheretti, Director General of the International Cartoon and Image ( CIBDI).

Locomotive Exposures

Visitors have been in a hurry to see the flagship exhibitions that were long-standing, such as Picasso and Cartoon and Kubuni, the comic bands of Africa.s. They both generated, this summer, significant traffic of visitors. Good news for African artists whose works are exposed.

"We can only be happy that there was a success, that the public could discover some planks," says Chadien Ajim Dangaar. "It allows to see African production with a different look," adds Gaspard N'jock, Cameroon Author Cartoon. The two exhibitions are still visible: Kubuni until September 26 and Picasso until January 2nd, 2022. What to attract many new visitors.

at night in the museum: unusual sleeping experience in Lüneburg .
between mammoth teeth and staggerons, the five-year-old Linus reason was not afraid at midnight. "Cool," the son of Benjamin found the adventure overnight at the Museum in Lüneburg. In the department "Layers & Slide", the two of Görlitz in Saxony in the small transparent tent made itself comfortable - surrounded by millions of old exhibits from the ice age.

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