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Enthusiasts: How rich countries build "climate walls"

"MORE CLEAN PROTECTION": Environmental associations make pressure on car makers

 The German Environmental Aid and Greenpeace have initiated legal action against the carmakers BMW, Mercedes Benz AG and Volkswagen and the oil and gas company Wintershall. The aim is to commit them by law to more climate protection. © Matthias Schrader / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved VW Make with the production of climate-damaging cars huge profits that the society must pay in the form of climate fafe expensive, wrote Greenpeace on Twitter.

A la frontière entre le Mexique et les Etats-Unis, en mai. © APU Gomes At the border between Mexico and the United States, in May.

Never has Somalia had seen as powerful cyclone as the Gati monster. In November, two years of rain fell in a few days in the Bari area, Puntland, where extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. Balance sheet: eight dead and tens of thousands of displaced people.

In recent years, natural disasters caused by climate disturbances have been the main cause of trips in Somalia (6% of the population), already ravaged by the war. This country of the Horn of Africa is however responsible for only 0.00027% of greenhouse gas emissions, far from the 72% issued since 1850 by the greatest historical polluters. The poorest countries are by far the first victims of climate change, which has become one of the first displacement factors in the world, with 30.7 million people involved in 2020.

climate. Turkey will ratify the Paris

 climate. Turkey will ratify the Paris Agreement © Eduardo Munoz / Reuters Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, at the UN General Assembly. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, indicated that the parliament of the country would study the ratification of the Paris Agreement in October. The Turkey had to ratify in the coming weeks the Paris agreement on the Climate .

"snake that bites the tail"

at Attempt to try to reduce these gaps, seven of these largest states of greenhouse gas - United States, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Australia - have spent collectively at least twice as much Silver between 2013 and 2018 to arm their borders (more than $ 33.1 billion, € 28 billion) than in the fight against climate change ($ 14.4 billion, € 12 billion), alert A recent report of the Think Tank Transnational Institute , based in the Netherlands. In less than two decades, Washington has thus tripled its expenditures in border and migratory controls, while the budget of The FrontEx agency, accused by NGOs to have become the "watchdog" of the European Union, made a "spectacular bond" of 2,763% since 2006.

E-mobility must be significantly attributing

 E-mobility must be significantly attributing The electrification of road traffic must significantly win ride from the point of view of a government commission in the coming years. © Markus Scholz / DPA Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer at the ITS World Congress for Mobility and Lion in Hamburg. "Despite significant technical progress, the transport sector has not reduced CO2 emissions in recent years," it says in the final report of the National Platform Future of Mobility (NPM), which was presented on Wednesday.

Developed countries did not have honored their promise to mobilize $ 100 billion a year by 2020 to help the countries of the South to adapt to climate change. A goal that could nevertheless be achieved in 2023,

according to the latest report published by the British Presidency of COP26 .

The Transnational Institute estimates that the richest countries erected real

"climate walls" both extremely lucrative for the border security industry (surveillance technologies, armed agents, sophisticated biometric systems ...) and generator "unspeakable sufferings" in migrants and asylum seekers. Today there are at least 63 physical walls built along the borders, against six in 1989. "The more the states militarize their borders, the more migrants will appeal to smugglers, and the more they will increase the rates of their services . For their part, industrialists also need the borders to be crossed regularly to sell their equipment. It is the snake that bites the tail ", Analysis François GEMENNE, researcher at the University of Liège and specialist in migration. Connivances to the serious consequences

9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron

  9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron 9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron

Security market companies do not hesitate to take advantage of this gigantic business. And even hope to increase more profits

"thanks to the expected instability due to climate change", notes the report, which is based on the figures of the US company Research and Markets. The latter believes that the global internal security market is expected to jump by more than 40% between 2018 and 2024, particularly because of the multiplication of natural disasters.

Especially since the border militarization industry also provides security products and services to the oil industry, itself responsible for the climate crisis. The study indicates that the company

ExxonMobil has, for example, appealed to L3Harris, one of the leading providers of United States border security services, for information on the maritime situation of its drilling in the Delta of the Niger, Nigeria.

Connivances that threaten to aggravate a little more the consequences of climate change:

"If sufficient investments are not made to help countries [developing], the crisis will result in more human disasters and will uproot more populations. Government spending is a political choice, " concludes the report.

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