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Carrot jam has always been popular in Middle Eastern cultures, and found in 12th century recipes right up to the modern day. Many people view the carrot as an unlikely preserve ingredient, but carrot jam is surprisingly palatable. Like a marmalade, this sweet jam uses carrots to provide extra dimensions of texture and flavour for a fun topping. With a tangy taste, and an orange colour not dissimilar to marmalade, carrot jam would have been an occasional Victorian tea-time treat.

I thought I would share Making Carrot Cake Jam .

  Karotten-Konfitüre © Provided by Sevencooks Quick Info: Vegan 107 Kcal Simply 35 minutes

with orange juice, cardamom and cinnamon will make this carrot jam for a taste highlight on your breakfast bread. The jam is also made easy for jam newcomers and with the refined spices also a perfect gift from the kitchen.

quantities for 400 g

quantity Personally customize

6 big carrots2 tl cinnamon250 g gelling sugar2 orange1 lemon1 teaspoon ground cardamom150ml water preparation: peel the carrots and finely rasps. Disconnect the shell of the oranges and lemon with a zest range. Press the juice of the fruits. Put the carrot rim with the orange peel and the lemon peel into a saucepan. Pour with the water and slowly heat while stirring. Now stir in cinnamon, cardamom as well as lemon and orange juice. Let the rasp cook for about 10 minutes.Nun the jam puree. Then stir in the gelling sugar and cook again under constant stirring for 5 minutes. Finally, rinse the glasses with boiling water and fill the carrot jam into the sterile glasses, close well and cool. Durability


The jam keeps open in the refrigerator for about 3 weeks. Always pay attention to a clean spoon or to use a clean knife so that no dining residues come to the jam and then shimmish them.

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Carrot Cake Jam . Rating: 4.38 stars. 13 Ratings. This jam is amazing! It really does taste like carrot cake in jam form. I included the optional coconut and golden raisins. I bought the ingredients and didn't get around to making the jam as planned, so when I decided to make it, I realized I did not have fresh pears.

See more ideas about carrot jam recipe, jam , carrot recipes. Carrot Jam is ready in 25 minutes with just 3 simple ingredients: carrots , lemon and sugar!

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homemade jam is exactly your thing? Then we have more great ideas from the glass in the collection of the glass like an roasted plum compote or an strawberry jam

without sugar.

The strawberry jam works outside the strawberry season also well with TK strawberries.

information on nutritional values ​​and allergens


Hot Apple Almond Smoothie .
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