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Enthusiasts: Thomas Gottschalk celebrates a big nostalgic party

retro computing: That's how it surfs as if it were 1996

 retro computing: That's how it surfs as if it were 1996 with "The Old Net" we can dive into the world's old websites and discover curious finds. It's worth not just for nostalgics! © Shutterstock / OZZ Design The 90s and the Internet - a nostalgic matter. "Wear all our pages as in a dystopic novel The same uniform?" Developer Richard Bettetridge raises this question in a short Text , which he wrote to the initiation of his project "The Old Net". Today's websites all look the same, he continues.

Thomas Gottschalk turns 70 on May 18. The ZDF is no slouch and throws a party for "our Thommy". In the program "Happy Birthday, Thomas Gottschalk "! "On May 17th from 10:15 p.m., the Mainz broadcaster celebrated live with Gottschalk and" many well-wishers "in the birthday of" Germany's best-known show master ". Together we look back at his life. The event takes place in Berlin and lasts until at least midnight.

TV legend Thomas Gottschalk draws a bitter balance after the triad between the three candidates for chancellor. The entertainer admits to having switched off during the course of the program. In terms of content, the 71-year-old criticizes one person in particular. The show “ Gottschalk celebrates : Again 18!” apparently comes to an abrupt end. The SWR confirms that no new season is planned for the time being. The reason should be disappointing audience figures. How things will go on between Thomas Gottschalk and the station is unclear.

Cologne on Saturday. Once still returns "betting that ..?" Back to the screen. For the 40th birthday of the legendary Saturday nightshow, Entertainer Thomas Gottschalk moderates a special edition. Numerous celebrities and crazy bets must not be missing.

 Thomas Gottschalk im Studio. © Jan Waitas Thomas Gottschalk in the studio.

time travel in ZDF: The television audience may feel back for an evening in the golden years of "betting that ..?". Moderator Thomas Gottschalk gathers to top stars and courageous competitions around them, at his side swirls co-hostess Michelle Hunziker. And of course, an excavator is needed. Everything as before, as "betting that ..?" A street sweep was and overgrown across 10 to 20 million visitors in front of the televisions. The show revival should go live on Saturday (6th November, 20:15) live on the stage.

Racing 92: Thomas, the

 Racing 92: Thomas, the tile © provided by Top 14 - Racing 92: Thomas Absent Several weeks? The spell strives on Teddy Thomas. While he had to return to the competition this Saturday at the meeting between the racing 92 and Lyon (4th day of Top 14), the French international winger of just 28 years was again injured, at levels hamstrings. This is in any case what does Olympic Midi reveal this Wednesday.

Thomas Gottschalk celebrates a “ big 90s show” with celebrities (ZDF). A mysterious message alerts the policeman Koops in “Harter Brocken” (The First). Thomas Gottschalk celebrates the 90s with a major music show on ZDF and presents an evening full of memories with many stars of the decade and gripping live music. Together with the princes, Hartmut Engler von Pur, Sasha, the No Angels, Fools Garden and the talk guests Veronica Ferres, Henry Maske, Michael Mittermeier and Arabella Kiesbauer, Thomas Gottschalk embarks on a journey through time.

Thomas Gottschalk played his first leading role in a comedy in 1982 in "Piratensender Powerplay". Today you can call him a station pirate with a clear conscience - the showmaster is everywhere. Insights into a tightly packed schedule. display. Berlin (dpa) - Anyone who watches television at prime airtime during these weeks and months might think the remote control is broken: You can see Thomas Gottschalk moderating a show on what feels like all " Gottschalk celebrates " (SWR). From April 16 on, the show legend will once again be in demand as a nostalgic , this time on SWR regional television.

Actually, the special should have taken place a year ago, but the Corona pandemic made ZDF a dash of the bill. "Betting that ..?" Can not be an emergency edition, said Gottschalk at that time. It must be a party, a nostalgic party. "I've told a lot of stupid stuff, but it has myself and it has taken all who watched, who watched."

Gottschalks Casual-flapsy sayings are so legendary as his sloping outfits and the Bets with which there were spectators in the show. In addition to excavators, plenty of beer boxes, glasses and trucks were presented. The candidates were able to squeeze songs with their chest muscles, stack washing machines or stacked water from the shell - around the bet with a dog. In general, there was often animal to "betting that ..?". When a man recognized his cows on their smack noise at the apple chew, this Gottschalk commented completely dry: "This gives tomorrow apple juice instead of milk."

9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron

  9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron 9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron

Thomas Gottschalk - Official. Отметки "Нравится": 5 320 · Обсуждают: 9. Offizielle Facebook Seite von Thomas Gottschalk .

Thomas Gottschalk , 70, was the first candidate to succeed in stealing the show from Joko Winterscheidt, 42: On Tuesday evening, ProSieben said: "Who is stealing the show from Thomas Gottschalk ?" Winterscheidt became a candidate for the show, but he could not win it back. With this, M'Barek is following in big footsteps: Gottschalk was celebrated by the audience as the presenter of the show. On Twitter, the users were happy about the "great entertainment". The fans also celebrated that "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Moderator Günther Jauch, 64, gave tips by phone and Klaas

The show legend wants to build on these old times. "I stayed that one knows" from earlier "and only I can present to the audience. And not a new version that makes one cool, "he said in advance in the interview of the German Press Agency.

Video: Mega-comeback from "Betting that": That's Gottschalks Cooking Couch (Promiboom)

Even with the guests, ZDF continues the tradition and brings national and international stars to the show. Previously, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney were a guest, the Abba-Granden Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson will honor the honor and report on their comeback after 40 years. Also Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer comes to Nuremberg, as well as Rocker Udo Lindenberg.

According to a representative survey of the opinion research institute Forsa on behalf of the magazine "Hörzu", 54 percent of the citizens surveyed would have interested in an annual special issue of "Betting that ..?". Gottschalk himself kept the question of whether he could imagine, "betting that ..?" To present again more often, recently covered. It remains exciting.

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