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Enthusiasts: Dresden coach surprised: "Was not sure what happened"

double pack to the U21 debut: The record evening of the Youssoufa Moukoko

 double pack to the U21 debut: The record evening of the Youssoufa Moukoko record evening for Youssoufa Moukoko! The BVB Youngster put on his U21 debut in the EM Quali against San Marino two best marks. © Provided by 90min Yousoufa Moukoko scored a double pack at the U21 debut | Giuseppe Bellini / Getty Images At the U21 European Championship, Yousoufa Moukoko could not act injury due to injury. In the EM qualification against San Marino it was time: The BVB -Youngster advanced to the recent German U21 international of all time.

“Not surprising . He was an Empowered criminal that spent a month or so robbing grocery stores and gas stations. He had a kind of weird telekinesis. All he could do with it was cut things, like he was throwing out these invisible blades.” They moved out as quickly as they could. For the first time, Anna found herself grateful for Coach Achala’s insane level of physical training. Evacuating the simulated bank was easier than Anna had expected. Just as with Samantha’s efforts, Hector’s duplicates left the area at a run as soon as they were told about the incoming “rogue Empowered.”

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Dresden Trainer Alexander Schmidt speaks in the machine search double pass 2. Bundesliga about the crisis of the newcomer. With regard to his future, he finds honest words

Dresden-Trainer überrascht: © Provided by Dresden coach surprised: "Was not sure what happens"

at Dynamo Dresden is currently running everything but round.

The newcomer started sensationally into the new season of the 2nd Bundesliga, took ten points from the first four games. But after that, it was not much together, of the past nine games were lost eight. (Data: Results and Schedule of the 2nd Bundesliga)

Dresden must refrain from VlachoDimos for several months

 Dresden must refrain from VlachoDimos for several months Dynamo Dresden not only lost the game on weekends, but also Panagiotis Vlachodimos. And that for a long time. © Imago Images / Picture Point had to be worn from the square: Panagiotis Vlachodimos. outdoor railway player suffers heavy knee injury The 29-year-old exterior player has moved on Sunday at the away game in Darmstadt (0: 1) in the 17th minute a tore of the front cruciate ligament in the left knee. This was announced by the SGD after a MRI examination on Monday.

She was still as a stone and camouflaged in some snow covered brush near the edge of the road which led to the Great Cave's main gate. Morning sunlight was climbing over the horizon, and she only hoped it would translate to some activity. I just need one man to come along, maybe even two would work, she thought. The idea a heathen from the wasteland would be aggressive enough to get the drop on one of the Patrols both alarmed and surprised him. Based on his decades of experience with the dirty people who scraped out a life on the high desert, he knew they were cowards and hid like vermin.

Maria looked them over, not quite understanding what was happening. That was until Tomosato let out an anguished gasp, and she looked up to the screen too. It showed Genjuro, the same unbeatable mountain of a man who could take out Symphogears with his bare hands, sprawled out on the ground, lying defeated inside of a crater. It was true what Maria was saying; they were caught completely by surprise , and the shock of Hibiki turning on them and turning out to be stronger than any of them could handle only made things worse.

Last weekend, the fifth defeat in Series, Dresden lost at Holstein Kiel 1: 2. Meanwhile, Dresden crashed into rank 14, only one point projection separated the Saxons from the relegation place.

SSC must bend Dresden and collects third defeat

 SSC must bend Dresden and collects third defeat The Volleyballers from SSC Palmberg Schwerin have collected their third defeat in the Bundesliga. In a competitive game, the team of coach Felix Koslowski lost the Dresdner Sc with 0: 3 (30:32, 24:26, 24:26). The defending champion used his fourth match ball after about 110 minutes and came after the 3-2 win in the Supercup for the second success in Schwerin within two weeks. © Uwe Anspach / DPA / Symbol image Players stretch their arms towards a volleyball.

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SV Werder Bremen - FC Schalke 04: The top game of the 2nd Bundesliga on November 20 from 19.45 clock live on TV on sport1

"It is not a nice situation. We just suffer something. If you have seen the last games, you see, we were not bad, we were equal, partly better, but in key situations we have behave unclever behavior ", Analyzed Dresden Trainers Alexander Schmidt in the machine search double pass 2. Bundesliga on Sport1. (Data: The table of the 2nd Bundesliga)

The Club seems insurmountable: great gates and Geis' dream free kick make the next threesome perfect

 The Club seems insurmountable: great gates and Geis' dream free kick make the next threesome perfect of the 1st FC Nuremberg remains unbeaten even after the 11th matchday. The club went into lead against Heidenheim shortly before the break and quickly laid in the second section. Three beautiful hits and an own goal at the end were made for a deserved success of the Central Franconia. © Imago Images / Zinc Nobody can stop us: Johannes Geis (Wed.) and his Nuremberg cheer over the 3: 0.

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Schmidt: "Was not sure what happens"

"of course we are all disappointed. But we are not destroyed or uninsed, "SCHMIDT said, announcing," We will continue to tackle things that take the pause. We want to force everything again, which made us strong. "The 53-year-old also set up a clear announcement to his players:" I want to see now who goes consistently this path. " (News: All current information about the 2nd Bundesliga)

Saxony: Damper for Saxony's CDU boss Michael Kretschmer

 Saxony: Damper for Saxony's CDU boss Michael Kretschmer Michael Kretschmer is as prime minor and party feet of the strong man of the Union in Saxony. But at the state party day shows: the support for him crumbles. © Robert Michael / dpa The Saxon CDU has confirmed its chairman Michael Kretschmer for another two years in office - but with a rather lean result. The 46-year-old Prime Minister received a consent of 76 percent on a state party convention in Dresden . of 214 votes cast he got 155, eleven delegates contained.

With such a negative run, it is in the nature of the thing that the coach is more and more under fire. But in Dresden you keep the feet still quiet, even after the most recent bankruptcy in Kiel.

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a development that Schmidt had not foreseen himself. "I admit, after the Kiel game I was frustrated. I was not sure what happens. The decision would have been able to go into any direction, "SCHMIDT confessed. It makes him pride that the club continues to build on him. "If you are confirmed in his actions, this will give a real energy channel again."

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"Fully Blutzürmer" for the OFC: Hosin leaves Dresden .
striker Philipp Hosiner closes the chapter Dynamo Dresden and will continue to go to Tore Hunt for Regionalligist Offenbacher Kickers. He is not the only new entry. © Imago Images / Dennis Hetzschold says goodbye to Dresden: striker Philipp Hosiner. also mildly changes to the Regionalligist Offenbach Hosiner wants the time at the SGD "kept in a beautiful and good memory", as he betrayed on Tuesday - "too, because we have achieved great success with the third-league championship and ascension."

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