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Enthusiasts: power struggle in Archdiocese of Cologne

Does Viktoria come back to the track?

 Does Viktoria come back to the track? 3. League: FC Viktoria Cologne - MSV Duisburg (Saturday, 14:00 clock) © Provided by Does Victoria come back to the track? The FC Viktoria Cologne wants to finally stop in the game against the MSV Duisburg after three games without victory the downtrend. Viktoria had to bow to TSV Havelse with 0: 1 in the previous game. Last week, Duisburg won against Eintracht Braunschweig with 3: 2. Thus, the zebras with twelve points are now in the front part of the table.

Cologne. Independent church lawyers are currently examining whether Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki has committed official obligations. Even before Christmas, the result could be present.

 Kardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, Erzbischof von Köln.⇥ Foto: Oliver Berg/dpa © Oliver Berg Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, Archbishop of Cologne.⇥ Photo: Oliver Berg / DPA

Now, in the archbishopric, two independent church lawlers have the word. And who perceives the currently immense restlessness in Cologne, comes into temptation to talk about the last word. This time is not directly about education and work-up of sexualized violence. Rather, there are payments in the course of abuse investigations of a total of 2.8 million euros. Even though these come from a special fund, Cardinal Woelki and his then General Vikar Markus Hofmann had to be involved in the awarding of orders Cathedral Chapters and Economic Council. This was mandatory in particular in advisory agreements. According to Markus Hofmann, the PR consulting in crisis-shaken time accounted for 820,000 euros alone. Now, experts of the canonal law are located whether it is a church-random offense.

Bahn: More Sprinter trains are supposed to get customers from aircraft

 Bahn: More Sprinter trains are supposed to get customers from aircraft With additional sprinter connections, the train wants to make the course competition from mid-December to intrinsically German flight offers. © Christoph Seder / DPA An ICE at the entrance to a Berlin train station. between Berlin and Cologne, Sprinter then drive three times a day in less than four hours and thus up to half an hour faster than before, as the company announced on Thursday.

The incident has come to Rome now. There, the expertise should be assessed and evaluated. Since church issues are usually faster and clearer to clarify, a result is expected before Christmas. The Vatican will therefore be the rightful financing of a consultation for communication that Rome itself has already rated as defective. For example, Pope Francis had concluded that Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki had committed "heavy mistakes" in his communication behavior in his communication behavior - "despite the now known cost-intensive PR advice. Since mid-October, the Cologne Archbishop is now in a break; His return is scheduled for 2 March.

were arranged the church checks of Weihbischof Rolf Steinhäuser, who currently forwards the archdiocese as an administrator. Previously Markus Hofmann had first informed the economic Council on the special payments last weekend. Hofmann, who also works after the leave of Woelkis in the diocese line - this time as "Delegat" bat until clarifying all facts for his leave of absence. But this refused the prefect of the Roman Bishops Congregation - Cardinal Marc Ouellet - off. One of several choices of Rome, which are "hard-comprehensible", told us the chairman of the Diocesanrat, Tim Schurbach.

Richards' Continental Sprint

 Richards' Continental Sprint Center Defense Chris Richards Plant a Strammes Program: On Thursday in the US against Costa Rica, on Friday with the TSG Hoffenheim against Cologne. © Getty Images on exhausting country tour: Chris Richards. Two games in 48 hours? When the colleagues woke up in the Kraichgau on this Thursday morning, because Chris Richards had already had a fible game on the same day and was on the return journey from the US to Germany. Ideally.

for the church folk movement of "We are church" is achieved in a crisis-shaken archdiocese a low point. If, according to their words, fortractions that the Archbishop and then General Vikar "have caused from the assets of the diocese without incorporating the mandatory bodies expenditures, Rome is also required to finally pull the ripper and to ensure that Archbishop Woelki permanently can not return to Cologne. "

is reminded of the operations in the diocese of Limburg: There Bishop Tebartz-Van Elst 2014 had been recalled due to horrendous spending for the conversion of his bishop's house. The house is a museum today.

in Cologne is more open than ever a power struggle, where Rome should also play a role in Cologne-based prelature of Opus Dei. Many rumors are about, as was that the last in Eichstätt be seen archbishop in Cologne.

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