Enthusiasts: holidays in southern Germany: Traffic jam on the return journey

AntiVax Shortage and Recency: How the Immunization Campaign Patina in Germany

 AntiVax Shortage and Recency: How the Immunization Campaign Patina in Germany © Wolfgang Rattay A protest in front of Biontech's premises in Mainz, Germany, December 13th. Karl Lauterbach surprised everyone on Tuesday night, to the television journal of the public chain ARD . The embarrassed air, the brand new Minister of Health acknowledged that there was "not enough vaccines" in Germany, saying itself "surprised" by this situation.

Especially on highways in southern Germany, it is likely to be full this weekend (4 to 6 March). To inform the Auto Club Europa (ACE) and the ADAC .

Am Wochenende könnte es auf den Autobahnen in Süddeutschland wieder voll werden. Die Winter- und Faschingsferien in Bayern und Teilen Baden-Württembergs enden. © DPA Infographic / DPA-TMN At the weekend, it could get full on the highways in southern Germany. The winter and carnival holidays in Bavaria and parts of Baden-Württemberg ends.

The end of winter and carnival holidays in Bavaria and parts Baden-Württembergs brings mainly there many travelers on the highways. This does not only affect the return tracks.

are still many excursions for the weekend or for a day on the routes in the Alps. Also in the rest of the country still winter vacationers can make the way that are not tied to holidays. It can also be narrower around the recreational areas.

prototype series in Germany! ADAC starts prototype Cup Germany

 prototype series in Germany! ADAC starts prototype Cup Germany © Motorsport Images The ADAC leads 2022 a LMP3 racing series An of the ADAC brings in cooperation with the Dutch promoter CREVENTIC in the coming year a new series for Le Mans prototypes to Germany. In the Prototype Cup Germany start from 2022 LMP3 race cars to about one-hour sprinklets.

Significant disabilities for recreational routes

The highlights of the traffic volume are expected after the usual commuter traffic on the Friday afternoon over the Saturday and on Sunday afternoon. In the direction of the Alps, according to ACE, there can be some travel on Saturday until the afternoon.

on the Refreious routes, on the other hand, the Auto Club expects "significant disabilities" from the late Saturday morning. It will be better only from the late afternoon. On Sunday, many winter sports enthusiasts are likely to push for the luxury routes.

disturbances are possible mainly on South German highways in the north and west. Much is also going on on the access roads to the alpine winter sports regions and in the low mountain ranges.

just under a quarter comes too late: Track punctuality in 2021 significantly decreased

 just under a quarter comes too late: Track punctuality in 2021 significantly decreased strikes, storm floods and extensions brakes the rail traffic. Especially in December, many passengers and major customers complained. © Photo: DPA / Mohssen Assanimoghaddam Delays of 30 minutes are unfortunately not uncommon at Deutsche Bahn. Passengers of Deutsche Bahn have again much more likely to be annoyed about late remote trains last year. On average, only 75.2 percent of the ICE and IC trains arrived punctually at the target and thus significantly less than the year before, as Deutsche

problems can also give it through winter weather, accidents and construction sites. The number of their number has increased again at 721, the ADAC has determined (previous week: 672). Also highway locks can extend the travel times by redirects.

Video: Vacation and winter sports: Full highways next weekend (Glomex)

At the weekend, the ADAC expects the following routes delays and congestion:

A 1Dortmund - Münster A 3Passau - Nuremberg - Würzburg A 4kirchheimer Triangle - Erfurt - Dresdena 5Basel - Karlsruhe A 6mannheim - Heilbronn - Nürnberga 7Fussen / Reutte - Ulm - Würzburg and Hannover - Flensburg a 8salzburg - Munich - Stuttgarta 9münchen - Nürnberga 61mönchengladbach - Koblenz - Ludwigshafena 72hof - Chemnitz A 81stuttgart - Singena 93Kufstein - Innaldreiecka 95 / B2München - Garmisch-Partenkirchen A 99Unge Munich

Also in Austria and Switzerland are the transit trails and the routes to the winter sports regions are well filled. The ADAC expects a "tense" location, especially in Austria and South Tyrol. As highlights, both car clubs call for Saturday and Sunday the time from the early morning and until late afternoon.

Climate Protection: Germany misses climate target - greenhouse gas emissions 2021 significantly increased

 Climate Protection: Germany misses climate target - greenhouse gas emissions 2021 significantly increased © Provided by Wirtschaftswoche Brandenburg, Welzow: View over the farmers in the lignite building Welzow-South of Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG (LEAG). Photo: DPadata Portal Copyright = The emissions of greenhouse gases increased by 4.5 percent last year. The Federal Government wants to become a greenhouse gas neutral up to 2045. Germany's emissions to climate-damaging greenhouse gases has increased by 4.5 percent after preliminary figures last year.

is particularly mating in Austria, the West (A 1), the Tauern (A 10), the Inn Valley (A 12) and the BrennerTobahn (A 13) and the Remote Pass Route (B 179) and the Tyroleans, Salzburger and Vorarlberger bundess roads.

in Switzerland are busy: The Gotthard route (A 2), the route St. Gallen - Zurich - Bern (A 1) and the access roads to the winter sports areas of Graubünden, the Bernese Oberland, Valais and Central Switzerland.

with entry controls

When entering Germany is expected with random controls. Who wants to know how much waiting time is currently expected on the return journey from Austria to Germany, can call the site of the Austrian infrastructure company ASFINAG Online .

travelers should find out about applicable travel restrictions and quarantine rules. Even those who are traveling within Germany should know the current Corona rules of the respective federal states.

Information about the current editions inside and outside Germany is available at ACE and ADAC as well as at the Foreign Office .

Also to the winter tire regulations in the travel destination should be informed by motorists and motorists informed before departure.

Diesel price decreases under two Euro .
After the gasoline price, the diesel price in Germany has now fallen below 2.00 euros. As the ADAC announced on Monday, the gas stations on Sunday demanded average 1.995 euros for a liter of diesel. © Peter Kneffel / DPA Four Zapfpistolen hang on a gas station in the city center. In Europe comparison, Germany has the highest fuel prices. That was a cent less than on Friday. Super E10 cost almost unchanged on Sunday. 1,961 euros.

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