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Enthusiasts: Russia Museum The opposition: 11,000 anti-war protesters imprisoned since February 24

new whale and sharks for the sea museum

 new whale and sharks for the sea museum The sea museum in Stralsund has gotten growth: the approximately 500 kilogram model of a Brydewal's length with a length of ten meters was delivered at the beginning of the week, a spokeswoman announced. It was therefore accompanied by two models of bronzehaia with two meters in length. The original size models should meet scenes from the South Africa's coast along with other replicas in the future. The staging should be built in the former Catherine Church.

The Russian police stopped at least 2,500 people who went down the streets of about fifty cities to protest against the war in Ukraine. View on euronews

  La Russie muselle l'opposition : 11 000 manifestants anti-guerre emprisonnés depuis le 24 février © Vladimir Tretyakov / copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved

At least 2,500 people were arrested this Sunday in Russia for protested as against the war in Ukraine.

Just in Moscow, the police arrested 560 people.

According to the count of the OVD-info NGO, since the beginning of the invasion, on the 24th, more than 11,000 protesters have been incarcerated.

Video: War in Ukraine: Report in Russia with the inhabitants of economic sanctions while Vladimir Putin orders shock measures to support the ruble (Dailymotion)

Local elections in Senegal: A national test vote

 Local elections in Senegal: A national test vote © AFP - Michele Cattani A man votes in Dakar during the presidential election of 24 February 2019 (image of illustration). Last day of the campaign this Friday 21 January 2022 in Senegal before the municipal and departmental elections of Sunday. Nearly 6.7 million voters are called to the polls. This is the first ballot since the re-election of President Macky Sall in February 2019. It is also the first since the deadly riots of March 2021.

The opponent of the Kremlin Alexi Navalny called this week the Russians a To meet on the places of cities and villages to protest against the invasion of Ukraine.

The gatherings took place this Sunday in about fifty cities in the country.

In accordance with a new law that prohibits any action that aims to discredit the army in public, the protesters are exposed to fines and in Siberia a man has been sentenced to pay the equivalent of 450 euros.

The opposite, the support expressions for the invasion of Ukraine, filmed here by Russian public television, do not risk verbalisations or arrests.

Russian Rossya-1 television has thus compiled gatherings and actions organized far from Donbass, Far East Russian, as in Irkutsk, Komsomolsk-sur-love, and even on the island of Sakhalin.

abundant and essential, the microfauna of our soils highlighted by the photos of Philippe Lebeaux at the Museum of Grenoble .
as part of the exhibition "The little beasts of the ground", the photographer and videographer Philippe Lebeaux reveals the incredible Biodiversity of the soil and the beauty of the microorganisms that compose it. © Provided by franceinfo It goes away from (beautiful) things on our feet when we turn the fields and forests! This is what the photos of Philippe Lebeaux reveal until April 29 at the Museum of Grenoble .

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