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Enthusiasts: When prominent meet with dictators

new whale and sharks for the sea museum

 new whale and sharks for the sea museum The sea museum in Stralsund has gotten growth: the approximately 500 kilogram model of a Brydewal's length with a length of ten meters was delivered at the beginning of the week, a spokeswoman announced. It was therefore accompanied by two models of bronzehaia with two meters in length. The original size models should meet scenes from the South Africa's coast along with other replicas in the future. The staging should be built in the former Catherine Church.

The Norwegian royal house reports light Covid symptoms at King Harald. The 85-year-old Monarch is on the first to be sick.

  Norwegen: König Harald V. hat Corona © Britta Pedersen / DPA

Norway King Harald V. has begun with the Coronavirus . The 85-year-old had been positively tested on Tuesday, shares the Norwegian royal house in a narrow explanation.

The Monarch show slight disease symptoms and was on sick leave for the coming days. His son Kronprinz Haakon will step in for him and take the task of the king until further notice.

Booster in autumn

Harald and his 84-year-old woman Sonja were both vaccinated three times against Covid-19, the refresh dose had received them last fall.

Why I already know that I will not meet my intentions

 Why I already know that I will not meet my intentions Author Elena Dangel knows now: Your intentions for 2022 will not comply with it. Maybe she has to make it a bit easier © iStockphoto "Extracements? Yes, please, but the right one!" IStockphoto I sometimes write things on my to-do list that can be so easy that I can pass it through it. Make bed. Return trash. That's kind of cheating on myself, but it's just very happy. And now is exactly the right time for it.

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Multiple Royals from Europa had recently infected with the virus, such as the British Queen Elizabeth II. , her son Prince Charles and Sweden King Carl XVI. Gustaf and Denmark Queen Margrethe II

Music: Jacques and Thomas Dutroncted for the first time on tour .
© Bertrand Guay / AFP The fans of Jacques and Thomas Dutroncs will not be required to choose. For the first time, the father and the son meet as part of a tour that starts from this Thursday, at the Casino de Paris. Europe 1 met with the two artists, impatient to happen together on stage. Dutron father and son meet for the first time during an tour that starts this Thursday, at the Casino de Paris. On stage, two black leather jackets and a family look.

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