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Enthusiasts: Bill Murray will sell his memories as NFT

Gamestop recruits staff for planned NFT platform

 Gamestop recruits staff for planned NFT platform The US retail chain Gamestop has been in a financial crisis for years. By building a separate trading platform for NFTs, the company hopes higher gains. © Provided by Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images • Gamestop recruits new employees for NFT platform • NFT platform is to lead gamestop from the crisis • Video game industry looks great benefit in NFT technology American retail chain Gamestop wants a separate trading platform for digital certificates of authenticity, so-called NFT

  Bill Murray va vendre ses souvenirs sous forme de NFT © Stephane Cardinale - Corbis

The Bill Murray actor is involved in NFTs. It is associated with the The Chive website to launch "Bill Murray Stories", according to the Hollywood Reporter .

The currency is called official Bill Murray NFT 1000, and everyone will have a chart and a text that tell a story or anecdote that Murray himself told The Chive for the occasion.

"I asked Bill what he thought of everything that was told around him. He replied that he liked these stories, but there were so many others to tell, "explained John Resig .

The developer also said that Bill Murray had never found the right "media", as a documentary or autobiographical book, to unveil his anecdotes, and that the best solution was to transform these stories in NFT that people could to buy.

NFT and metackers: The Sotheby's auction house goes on digital

 NFT and metackers: The Sotheby's auction house goes on digital © Josep Lago / AFP Charles Stewart, the boss of Sotheby's, the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona. An auction house founded in 1744 starting in NFTs and metackers? A logical sequence in Sotheby's history, with regard to the audience and interest "absolutely huge" for these digital objects, according to his boss Charles Stewart. "The reason why Sotheby's exists for 277 years is that we have a story that embraces innovation.

Always according to The Hollywood Reporter, Bill Murray should address various topics: his meetings with his fans, with celebrities, but he should also share anecdotes on his career. Some NFT will contain its philosophical reflections, while others will simply discuss its own hobbies.

Will he review this time he introduced himself to a bachelor party and pronounced an impromptu speech? This time still where he did the dishes in a student evening in Scotland? Will it unveil anecdotes of filming, like the scenes of the masterpiece LOST in Translation?

The list is long, and there is no doubt that buyers should have for their money.

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