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Enthusiasts: The largest power-eaters in the living room

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in the living room there are a few things that unnecessarily consume a lot of electricity. We'll tell you the biggest power-eater - plus: simple tricks to save money

Die größten Stromfresser im Wohnzimmer ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto The largest power-eaters in the living room iStockphoto

OB refrigerator, washing machine or freezer: In the household there are some things that consume a lot of electricity and in the long run the purse can burden. Therefore, it is important to recognize them and if possible to counteract them or replace them through cheaper alternatives. We reveal you who are the biggest power-eaters in the living room:

stand-by devices

TV, computer, music system: all devices that are in stand-by mode in the living room consume continuous electricity. To reduce power consumption and save money, you should prefer to pull the plug often often and completely turn off the device.

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Charging Cable

You have your charging cable plugging on the socket to load mobile, tablet and Co. anytime? Again, permanently flow flows as with the stand-by devices. If you want to save, you should rather disconnect the cable after each use and re-infect the next use. Tip: For socket strips, it is recommended to grab models with on and off button to regulate the power consumption a bit.


Not only anyone who can be permanently burning the light in the living room has a high power consumption, but you also have that if you use normal light bulbs everywhere. It is better to replace these by energy-saving LED lamps. Although they are more expensive in the purchase, numbers are seen in the long term, but are gentler for the purse.

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