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Enthusiasts: Fest Committee Kölner Carnival: Vice-President Joachim Wüst listens immediately to

Building without a license is a hidden defect?

 Building without a license is a hidden defect? © Avel Chuklanov / Unsplash Building permit Practice - Selling a well that has not obtained a building permit is like a hidden vice and can have heavy consequences. It may happen that the buyer of a property notes a problem that he did not expect once the sale concluded. If it is what we describe as vice hidden, it is then entitled to turn against the seller through the action as a guarantee of hidden defects.

the board of the Festkommittee Cologne Carnival (FK) and Dr. med. Joachim Wüst are "mutual agreement" that desolate, previously vice president and judiciary, terminates with immediate effect. According to FK, the 62-year-old will continue to be available as a program designer and meeting president of the television sessions produced by the WDR, which he has already forwarded since 2006.

Joachim Wüst (l.) singt mit Tenor Norbert Conrads © Norbert Rammen Joachim Wüst (l.) Sings with Tenor Norbert Conrads Joachim Wüst © Express / Zik Joachim Wüst

"Not always simple, numerous decisions of the last months are unanimous, but after all exhausting discussions, as the Starting positions often very far apart, which was not the case in the past, "explains Wüst, who has been volunteering in the FK board since 1998. Thus, the full Jurist acted as a judiciary of the FK and has been Vice President since 2005. In addition, since 2005, he has been program designers for events such as the proclamations of the Cologne three-year, the radio and television sessions of ZDF and WDR. In addition, Dr. Joachim Wüst from October 2018 to Summer 2021 One of the voluntary managing director of the non-profit society of Cologne Carnival mbH. He is also president of the great Cologne KG.

Response to Millers Corona Test: Ducati shifts MotoGP Team Presentation

 Response to Millers Corona Test: Ducati shifts MotoGP Team Presentation © Ducati The colors of the factory-Ducatis are not shown after the Sepang test Ducati has the presentation of the MotoGP team announced for the 28th of January for the season 2022 postponed. For ahead, a positive corona test of Werkspilot Jack Miller, which is in isolation and is not allowed to leave Australia ( more information ). Miller has to be patient until he is allowed to travel to Europe again.

"Tireless champion for the carnival"

"Dr. Joachim Wüst has decisively shaped the festival committee and the Cologne carnival for more than two decades," explains FK President Christoph Kuckelkorn. "Whether it was about legal, financial or artistic matters - He was always a competent and busy spirit that stress tirelessly for the Cologne carnival. For this I am personally very, very grateful. "

in particular in the two Corona sessions was the expertise of the lawyer of invaluable value. "With incredible personal commitment, he has translated Corona protection regulations for the carnival and also has a very important proportion that state corona support measures actually also help Carnival associations and not least arrived artists and hall operators. This performance can not be estimated high enough. "

Don Jigi Fest: "A beautiful recovery" for this glass festival .
© Archives West-France Des Skip The Use, Etienne de Crecy, Plk, Lost Frequencies, ... The festival Don Jigi Fest prepares his biggest edition Musicale ever organized, Friday 15, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17 April 2022, in Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine). 6,000 festival-goers are expected every night. © Jérôme Fouquet / Archives West-France Skip The Use singer. " is crazy about seeing the evolution of Don Jigi Fest over the years! "exclaims Thibaud.

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