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Enthusiasts: Foo Fighters end on their world tour after drummer Taylor Hawkins

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after the death of their drummer Taylor Hawkins occurred last weekend in Bogota, the American rock band decided to cancel his world tour, Which passed through Europe this summer with two dates in Nîmes in June.

  Les Foo Fighters mettent fin à leur tournée mondiale après la mort du batteur Taylor Hawkins © Provided by FranceInfo

The American rock band Foo Fighters announced Tuesday, March 29th the cancellation of all the coming concerts of its world tour 2022, ie more than 40 shows in total, after the death of His drummer Taylor Hawkins before a concert in Bogota.

"It is with great sadness that Foo Fighters confirm the cancellation of all the upcoming dates of the tour because of the shocking loss of our brother Taylor Hawkins," said Dave Grohl, in a message on its site and social networks.

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"Let's take the time to cure"

"take the time to mourn, cure, get closer to our loved ones and enjoy all music and memories that we have created together, "added the group, one of the most striking of the Rock scene since birth in the mid-90s.

The World Tour of the Group, which had just passed through several South American countries , had to continue in the United States and then in Europe, with two dates planned in Nîmes on June 22 and 23, 2022, before returning to North America and to go through Australia and New Zealand at the end of 2022.

Dave Grohl And will his own be at the Grammys Sunday?

Already winners of 12 Grammy Awards, Foo Fighters are still appointed in three categories at the 64th ceremony that takes place on Sunday, April 3 in Las Vegas. No announcements did not intervene on their presence or not after the deaths at 50 years of Taylor Hawkins .

The drummer, one of the pillars of the group of which he has been part of 1997, died on the night Friday to Saturday in a hotel in Bogota. A toxicological analysis revealed by the Colombian floor reported THC (cannabis), antidepressants and opiates in its organism , without giving the reasons for its death.

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