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Sebastien Ogier: Racing 2022 should be in February

 Sebastien Ogier: Racing 2022 should be in February © Toyota Gazoo Racing Sebastien Ogier has so far only for the Rally Monte-Carlo confirmed So far, About Sebastien Ogier is known only that this week he is the rally Monte-Carlo, the Season opener of the Rally World Championship (WRC) 2022, for Toyota will be denied. About his other plans, the eight-time WRC champion is still silent. But not for long.

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of online trading is booming. 2021 Households in Germany have spent every fifth Euro in the online shop. Gross sales in e-commerce scratched 2021 at the 100 billion euro border. And the characters continue to grow.

Cameroon. 25 men convicted for attempted assassination of the Equatorian President in 2017

 Cameroon. 25 men convicted for attempted assassination of the Equatorian President in 2017 © Tony Karumba / AFP The President of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo was a victim of an attempt at assassination in 2017. Twenty-five men Have been sentenced to 30 to 35 years in prison in Cameroon, for attempting to murder the Equatorian President Guinea in 2017. They have always pleaded non-guilty.

But not every company in online trading benefits from the e-commerce boom. This can have many reasons. For example: products are poorly presented. The usability does not invite you to buy. The shop is not optimized for use with smartphone or tablet. Or the shop appears far back at the Google search.

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This can be changed. With an eCommerce Masterclass , online dealers - whether B2C or B2B shop - can successfully trim within 10 weeks your online store step by step. After a free shop analysis, which already identifies important issues, a comprehensive training starts with more than 25 hours of individual advice, supplemented by several video seminars with best practices and practical tips. Thus, eCommerce experts in companies and successful shop operators quickly forward their online shop: with more visibility, higher number of users, more sales and stronger customer loyalty.

Renault suspends the activities of its factory in Moscow

 Renault suspends the activities of its factory in Moscow © Copyright 2022, the Obs The French car manufacturer Renault announced this Wednesday, March 23 at the evening suspend "from this day" the "activities of the factory Renault of Moscow "and evaluate" possible options for its participation "in its Russian subsidiary AVTOVAZ.

The 10th Training Modules:

Introduction and Target Definition for the B2C or B2B Online Shop. Do you know your customers, competition and your strengths? Find the right usps. The eye is eating. How to properly put products in scene, guide your customers to the offers and how they can work with texts, pictures and videos. On New German it is called Customer Journey. How do you bring shop visitors to put products in the shopping cart and then click on "Buy"? Google Analytics or Search Console are tools that tell you key figures about user behavior. Which are relevant and what you can learn from it. Most customers do not shop online for the first time. What you are doing well what you reject and what features your online shop needs. Great offers attract customers. But how do you tie customers in the long term? Maybe with a customer loyalty program? The customers do not come from alone. How to market your online shop properly and find the right instruments, channels and content. The B2B eCommerce is also booming. However, products and services requiring explanation requires a bit different triggers. Which, we show in the B2B special. Learned enough? It's your turn now. Test your new knowledge, develop a roadmap: We'll show you if you are on the right track.

Make your online shop to the box office. Here you can clarify any questions about the eCommerce Masterclass "Shop Optimization" .

Toyota: Now starts the WRC search for more Performance .
sufficient stability is the Toyota Gr Yaris for the Rally Championship (WRC), now the optimization of the set-up and the search for additional performance is the focus: this is the same The conclusion of team boss Jari-Matti Latvala for the recent tests in Croatia, where from next Thursday (April 21), the third run of the WRC Season 2022 takes place. © Motorsport Photo "So far, the focus was on the reliability and the function of the hybrid system, but now we can really work to o

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