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Enthusiasts: Already 65,000 visitors in the Nuremberg Future Museum

holidays in southern Germany: Traffic jam on the return journey

 holidays in southern Germany: Traffic jam on the return journey Especially on highways in southern Germany, it is likely to be full this weekend (4 to 6 March). To inform the Auto Club Europa (ACE) and the ADAC . © DPA Infographic / DPA-TMN At the weekend, it could get full on the highways in southern Germany. The winter and carnival holidays in Bavaria and parts of Baden-Württemberg ends. The end of winter and carnival holidays in Bavaria and parts Baden-Württembergs brings mainly there many travelers on the highways.

In the more than six months since the opening, a good 65,000 people have visited the Future Museum in Nuremberg. Corona restrictions have been felt for a long time at the number of guests, most recently, the responsible persons recorded a visitor plus. Since last week you can feel a veritable run on the house, said a museum spokesman.

Eine Stellator-Spule Wendelstein 7-AS von 1990 ist im Zukunftsmuseum ausgestellt. © Daniel Karmann / DPA / Archive Image A Separator Coil Wendelstein 7-AS of 1990 is exhibited in the future museum.

Especially school classes would seem to have really fancy an excursion in the week before the Easter holidays. Even during the two holiday weeks, one reckons with an increased visitor, but then families would expect.

Comment: A clear commitment of Ford for the location Cologne

 Comment: A clear commitment of Ford for the location Cologne after a hard austerity rate and the - albeit socially acceptable reduction of thousands of jobs in Germany, the recent announcement of the US carmaker Ford is the second outstanding good news for the location Cologne within one Year.

The 2G-Plus regulations would result in the end of last year that the booked leadership and workshop program had been completely canceled more or less completely, said the museum spokesman.

For a week there is no mask duty in museums. "We watch that around half of the visitors: Inside, a mask continues to carry a mask," said the speaker. You continue to encourage the visitors to carry FFP-2 masks in the exhibition.

The Future Museum, a branch of the German Museum in Munich, opened in September in the Nuremberg Old Town. In the exhibition, future technologies are treated and discussed under ethical aspects. On three floors, hyperloops, nursing and sex robots, the world of work of the future or climate change. According to the museum, there are always changes, in the future, for example, a new exhibit on hydrogen or a station for autonomous driving are planned.

abundant and essential, the microfauna of our soils highlighted by the photos of Philippe Lebeaux at the Museum of Grenoble .
as part of the exhibition "The little beasts of the ground", the photographer and videographer Philippe Lebeaux reveals the incredible Biodiversity of the soil and the beauty of the microorganisms that compose it. © Provided by franceinfo It goes away from (beautiful) things on our feet when we turn the fields and forests! This is what the photos of Philippe Lebeaux reveal until April 29 at the Museum of Grenoble .

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