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Enthusiasts: War in Ukraine: The kyiv City Ballet Tour in France thanks to the solidarity of the world of dance

Sting Russians written in the Froide War, in support of Ukrainians

 Sting Russians written in the Froide War, in support of Ukrainians © Kevin Winter / Getty Images North America / Getty Images Via AFP Exit in 1985, its Russian song was designed by Jim Scott and produced by Peter. Smith. "We share the same biology, whatever the ideology" , sang Sting in its title Russians in 1985. A humanistic message from its first Solo album The Dream of the Blue Turtles , that the British musician did not think of a day.

An exceptional evening, Sunday, at the national opera of the Rhine. The 33 dancers of kyiv City Ballet interpreted extracts from ballets from their repertoire. The troop is in residence at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris and everywhere in France, scenes open their doors for a solidarity tour. Next step: Saint-Malo on May 10th.

  Guerre en Ukraine : le Kiev City Ballet en tournée en France grâce à la solidarité du monde de la danse © Provided by FranceInfo

This is an almost improvised tour that is built weekdays. After Beauvais and Vannes, it's the Rhine National Opera that hosted the kyiv City Ballet on April 10, . A solidarity tour, made possible thanks to the mobilization of the world of dance. But also spectators, who come many at each representation. In Mulhouse for example, the ticket recipe was donated to the troop to allow him to stay in France. Additional gifts were donated to doctors without borders .

"Let's Dance" 2022: Who is out? Who is going on?

 Since the 18th of February it is called every Friday " Let's Dance " at RTL. Fourteen celebrity candidate: inside the challenge and swing your dance leg from now on week after week. Who in the end may bear the title "Dancing Star 2022", not only decides the jury, but also the audience. What the viewers looks like a lot of fun means for the celebrity discipline, hard work and a lot of stamina. Who can not convince in the end, flies out. Here you will learn who must leave "Let's Dance".

Artists who can exercise their art, almost normally. The kyiv City Ballet dancers live a complicated but unique moment. "We are so grateful for all that we are given, it's immense," says Ekaterina Kozlova, the director of the ballet. "And even if it's hard to focus on work, creation and art, the welcome we receive in France gives us hope."

A tour of construction

when the war in Ukraine began, the ballet was in France and expressed his wish to stay there. The dancers have been welcomed at unlimited residence at the Châtelet Theater in Paris . Since then, they receive calls from scenes ready to program them for solidarity nights, everywhere in France. A construction tour that is good for artists. "Professionally, we work in the same way, nothing has changed," says the dancer Oleksandr Moroz. "But mentally, it's very different because before we worked for us, we represented our company. And now we feel like representing our country, Ukraine."

A building of the Red Cross bombarded by the Russians in Maroupol

 A building of the Red Cross bombarded by the Russians in Maroupol © Copyright 2022, the Obs a building of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was the Target of Russian Bombing at Maroupol, Strategic Port Besieged southeast of Ukraine , said Wednesday, March 30 a Ukrainian manager. "The occupants deliberately bombed a CICR building in Mariopol," said Telegram Liudmyla Denissova, Human Rights to the Ukrainian Parliament.

A solidarity tour that could not have seen the day without the involvement of the teams of theaters and voluntary operas, but also municipalities. This is the case in Mulhouse. "I immediately engaged, knowing that it is an ambitious project," says Bouche, the artistic director of the Rhine National Opera who has a creative project with the kyiv City Ballet as part of his Residence at the Chatelet Theater. "A project that is supported by the opera largely, but also by the spectators through the ticket office. The city of Mulhouse and the agglomeration also supported us in this approach."

Other cities are a candidate to host the troop, who will visit Saint-Malo on May 10 .

Reportage: With investigators and NGOs on the trail of Russian war crimes .
In addition to clearing, dozens of people collect around kyiv evidence for war crimes investigations that started. View on Euronews © Euronews on the ground with NGOs that investigate the alleged war crimes of Russia with the backdrop of bombed residential buildings and ruins mountains in Borodyanka, a city in the region of kyiv, dozens of rescuers work 24 hours a day to clean what's left of this city.

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