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Enthusiasts: abundant and essential, the microfauna of our soils highlighted by the photos of Philippe Lebeaux at the Museum of Grenoble

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as part of the exhibition "The little beasts of the ground", the photographer and videographer Philippe Lebeaux reveals the incredible Biodiversity of the soil and the beauty of the microorganisms that compose it.

  Foisonnante et essentielle, la microfaune de nos sols mise en lumière par les photos de Philippe Lebeaux au Muséum de Grenoble © Provided by franceinfo

It goes away from (beautiful) things on our feet when we turn the fields and forests! This is what the photos of Philippe Lebeaux reveal until April 29 at the Museum of Grenoble . The exhibition The small beasts of the ground highlights, from an artistic angle, this microscopic fauna that people our forests, our gardens and our composters. A teeming, very useful but unknown.

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Meeting with the

collembole for Philippe Lebeaux, everything started in the fall of 2006, during a walk in the forest. It photography mucors, kinds of mushrooms, which form pretty filaments. By developing the clichés, he discovers the presence on these same filaments of small creatures from 2 to 3 millimeters: the collembolas. These shadow workers, already present on Earth 400 million years ago, will change his photographer's gaze by pushing him to take an interest in all this underground and invisible life.

beautiful and useful!

Collemboles, but also towards, mites, myriapodes, clamps ... All these little animals, whose only view makes some shudder, are fascinating through the photographer's eye. It is a magnificent theater revealed by Philippe Lebeaux , a natural setting where everyone has its place, its role and usefulness. "We would not have these divorges, our forests, it would be mold, points out Philip Lebeaux . It is thanks to them, which break down organic matter, which then bring nutrients for the plants and form the humus. . "

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of this fortuitous meeting with the collembola and its infantities, Philippe Lebeaux made a book, planet collembola, the secret life of soils, in collaboration with Jérôme Cortet, doctor in soil ecology (2015, biotope editions). He also participated in the movie The life of soils, the living who works for us, directed by Christiane and Michael Hughes and produced by TV Rural Promotion and the Conservatory of Natural Spaces Rhône-Alpes.

Originally from the Lyonnaise region, graduate of graphic arts, Philippe Lebeaux first worked in the creation of video games before changing life. In 2007, he left in the Cevennes participate in the construction of a pedagogical ecoferm where he offers internships and animations for the public. After a return to graphic communication, it is dedicated today to his passions: the image, through the realization of photos and movies, and the gardening. A very land way to earth to rub shoulders with his future models!

Exhibition "Small beasts of the ground" - until April 29 - Museum of Grenoble, Mountain Room - 1 Rue Dolomieu - 38000 Grenoble - Tel. : 04 76 44 05 35 - Free admission

Already 65,000 visitors in the Nuremberg Future Museum .
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