Enthusiasts: Mike Patton on the real reason of the tour cancellations

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Frontmann Mike Patton takes a breath in an interview and speaks about his mental constitution during pandemic, as well as the succession that is not foreseeable for him.

Mike Patton während einer Peeping Tom-Show in New York © provided by www.metal-hammer.de Mike Patton During a Peeping Tom show in New York

Frontmann Mike Patton, his heart breaks air in an interview and talks about his mental constitution during the pandemic, as well as those at the beginning for him non -foreseeable succession.

Successfully fought FAITH No more with Mike Patton at the vocal tax in her last published album Sol Invictus (2015) to the front. At this point, however, the band did not know that they would have to take up the fight again years later - only the "opponent" is another one this time. Like a heavy, dark cloud, the pandemic overshadowed the live industry and also robbed all music-loving any (pre) joy of the upcoming concert experiences, which were already associated with constant cancellations. But now that the shows and festivals are allowed to start again, the Pandemic nightmare is finally over - or not?

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The complete derailment-Mike Pattons Diagnosis: Agoraphobia

Mike Patton is not only known as a singer of the Californian cult band Faith no more. It is also an integral part of other music groups such as Mr. Bungle, Fantômas and Dead Cross . In an Rolling Stone Interview , he reports on his non-truth, which was only triggered by the isolation during the strict lockdown time. This means the social anxiety disorder of agoraphobia, which is diagnosed with him, which in his case is particularly expressed in the shyness of people or crowds:

“I was with some therapists and that was the first time that I do that in my life had to. Basically, they diagnosed me with agoraphobia, that is, I was afraid of people. I freaked out when I was among people. Perhaps it was also because I was only at home for two years during the Covid phase. I dont know. Maybe it has strengthened the feelings that I already had. But just knowing about it, talking about it really helped. "

Tour de France Femmes: Lorena Wiebes wins again stage

 Tour de France Femmes: Lorena Wiebes wins again stage The series heavy falls at the Tour de France Femmes continues. On the 5th stage, the Danish co -favorite Emma Norsgaard had to give up after a mass crash. Marianne Vos defended the yellow jersey. © Jeff Pachoud/ dpa The series heavy falls on the Tour de France The women continued on the fifth stage. There were mass crash in the field 45 kilometers before the finish in Saint-Die-Die-Vosges.

" I fucked out when I was among people. "

could hardly have been closer to the time to determine its fears:

" [It was ] exactly at the time when Faith No More wanted to go back on tour. I was somehow freaked out, and that was ugly and not cool. And that happened a few days before we should go on tour. I told the boys: 'Hey man, I don't think I can do it.' Somehow my self -confidence had collapsed. I just didn't want to stand in front of people, which is strange because I did half of my life. It was very difficult to explain [my feelings]. And there were broken hearts on both sides, but I had to do it. Because otherwise something really bad could have happened. ”

a post shared by faith no more (@faithnomore)

a post shared by faith no more (@faithnomore)

The front man even explains the drama of the situation:“ I If I knew myself further, it could lead to a catastrophic result. I just thought: 'Damn again, maybe I don't have to do all of this at all. Even if I first agreed and I angry with it a lot of people - I have to take care of myself first. 'So I now try. ”

at the end of 2021 Faith no more that they all announced shows by the elimination of Pattons, Including the European tour from June 2022, until further notice.


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