Enthusiasts: fuel prices for petrol continues to fall - Super E10 at pre -war level

The fall in sales of new cars in France continues

 The fall in sales of new cars in France continues © Olivier Martin-Gambier The fall in sales of new car in France continues European sales of cars continue to drop with a fall of 14% in the first half of this year . The sales of Automobiles fell 14% in the European Union in the first half of 2022 compared to the same period of 2021, said the association of European manufacturers (ACEA). Electronic, some 4.6 million new vehicles have been sold in the European Union, where the main markets all display two -digit falls.

Munich. Motorists with petrol engines can recharge their batteries again and immediately before the Ukraine War broke out. However, the ADAC does not see the reason for relaxation.

 Super E10 hat wieder das Niveau vor dem Krieg erreicht. © Julius-Christian Schreiner Super E10 has again reached the level before the war.

The sink flight of fuel prices continues. Super gasoline of the E10 variety is again at the level before the start of the Ukraine war, as can be seen from ADAC numbers on Wednesday. One liter cost 1.75 euros in the nationwide average of Tuesday. This is 3.9 cents less than a week earlier and exactly the value of February 23. At that time, however, the tensions in the run -up to the Russian attack had already caused an increase in fuel prices.

Federal Government: Criminal tax for diesel & petrol engine is planned

 Federal Government: Criminal tax for diesel & petrol engine is planned The federal government is apparently currently planning a penalty tax for diesel and petrol engines. The details. © Elcovalana/iStock cars in traffic jam, fog due to exhaust gases from 2035 is supposed to disappear from the streets. In July 2021, the European Commission agreed that car manufacturers no longer be allowed to sell new cars with a diesel or petrol engine- We reported .

Despite the current decline, the ADAC sees no reason for the all-clear: "At first glance, we only have a relaxation but rather a dramatically high price level if you calculate the tax discount," says fuel market expert Jürgen Albrecht. The temporary tax reduction is the only reason that you were below 2 euros. "And you have to expect that it ends in terms of plan and that the price increase will be completely passed on," he warns. The tax of 35.2 cents per liter of super petrol and 16.7 cents per liter of diesel applies in June, July and August.

Diesel was also cheaper on weekly: The price fell by 3.5 cents to 1.928 euros per liter. However, the fuel is still a long way from the pre -war level. "With Diesel it looks far more dramatic at the gas station," says Albrecht. On February 23, the fuel cost 1.663 euros per liter. In the weeks after the beginning of the war, diesel was much stronger than E10 and overtook it in the price.

The Average Used Car Price is Now $33,000

  The Average Used Car Price is Now $33,000 Data shows that used cars are commanding a $10,000 premium above normal pricing levels.Thanks to data compiled by CoPilot, we can see just how much consumers are paying for used cars as of last month. By tracking virtually every dealership in the US, the data shows the average transaction price of a used car has risen to $33,341, a $172 fall from the used market's peak at $33,513 in March. Looking back at pre-pandemic and early 2020 data, that's $10,046 above projected normal prices for used cars.

for E10 it was the eighth price decline in a row. The diesel prices have also decreased, but with the interim stagnation or even slight climbs on a weekly perspective. The 1.75 euros for E10 on Tuesday was the second lowest daily price since the outbreak of war. On Sunday, the fuel was already minimally cheaper at 1.748 euros per liter.

as an antidote for the high prices - even with a view to the time after the tax rabatt has expired, one thing is missing above all: “What we need is more competition. However, it does not seem to adjust to the upstream stages of the value chain. Otherwise the margins in the refineries would not be as unprecedented as at the moment and would not continue to rise, ”he says. Here, the ADAC hopes for the results of the ongoing investigation of the market by the Federal Cartel Office.

Another billion-dollar aid package in Italy .
In order to cushion high inflation and rising energy prices, the government in Rome has decided on another relief package. 17 billion euros are made available for this. © Roberto Monaldo/Lapresse/Zuma/Picture Alliance Prime Minister Mario Draghi The Council of Ministers had passed aid of 17 billion euros, as the outgoing head of government Mario Draghi announced.

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