Enthusiasts: Fuel prices overseas: "A delivery to the pump would not be luxury, but a principle of equality"

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Le géant gazier et pétrolier TotalEnergies a annoncé vendredi dernier une ristourne de 20 centimes d’euros par litre de carburant. Une bonne nouvelle, mais qui interroge le député de la Réunion Frédéric Maillot (Gauche démocrate et républicaine - Nupes) qui se demande si les Outre-mer seront concernées par la remise.  © Richard Bouhet/AFP

The Géant Gazier and Totalenergies Petroleum announced last Friday a discount of 20 cents of euros per liter of fuel. Good news, but who questions the deputy for Reunion Frédéric Maillot (Democratic and Republican left - Nuts) who wonders if the overseas will be affected by the discount.

This is an advertisement that has something to delight the French and, perhaps, relieve their wallets. Friday, July 22, the Totalenergies group announced the application of a 20 cents of euros per liter of fuel between September and November, and 10 cents per liter until December. The rebate would therefore be added using 18 cents of euros set up by the state and upgraded to 30 cents since Wednesday. On Twitter, Elisabeth Borne, the Prime Minister, even praised the news, evoking a "fair and necessary decision for the French". Via a press release, the company promises a price reduction "at all its stations in France". However, the announcement did not please the entire territory. On the overseas side, we are annoyed, for fear of being put on the sidelines again.

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"This is the first question I asked myself: will this measure be applicable at home? "Asks Frédéric Maillot, deputy (Democratic and Republican left - Nuts) of the 6th district of

Reunion . "I asked policies and actors, the managers of service stations, but everyone was in the vagueness," notes with the JDD the elected official, who intends to "carry the voice of the overseas" and therefore Arrested on Monday, via a letter the gas and oil giant as well as the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire. Since then, he has not received an answer. The price of petrol explodes

Frédéric Maillot explains and questions: "It will be very difficult to applicable, already because at Reunion, everyone is not a dealer and if the delivery is granted, the turnover Other stations will decrease. In addition, how to make a 20 cents discount when the oil companies are marking between 8 and 9 cents? It would be selling at a loss, which is prohibited. "

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" We still wonder if the overseas are counted in the word France or if we are the forgotten of the nation

" on the island of Reunion, already in the grip of strikes and strong social tensions, the price of essence explodes. Since June, the Sans-Plomb has increased by 16 cents (to be 1.94 euros) and diesel has taken 17 cents (1.64 euros) in addition. Reunionese have never paid fuel so much. A discount which would then be appreciated by the Reunionese, confirms Frédéric Maillot: "Where everything costs more, this discount would not be luxury, but just a principle of equality between the territories. It's sad, but in 2022 we still wonder if the overseas territories are counted in the word France or if we are the forgotten of the nation. "

The deputy thus requests "a round table" around which the State, represented by the prefect, totalnergies and the managers of gas stations "could find a solution for the interest of the inhabitants of the overseas". Solicited by the JDD, the Ministry of the Economy refers responsibility to the Totalenergies group. For its part, the group indicates this Thursday: "As for previous announcements, the pricing program in gas stations announced for September will apply in mainland France".

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in the debate about a successor to the 9-euro ticket demands Bavaria that the federal government alone pays the costs for such an offer. Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter (CSU) told the German Press Agency on Saturday, "In this extraordinary situation, the federal government must ensure further relief for citizens - and exclusively the federal government". After all, the countries paid for a number of federal relief, "although they did not initiate them".

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