Enthusiasts: engine problem ensures large setback: Max Verstappen only tenth!

Federal Government: Criminal tax for diesel & petrol engine is planned

 Federal Government: Criminal tax for diesel & petrol engine is planned The federal government is apparently currently planning a penalty tax for diesel and petrol engines. The details. © Elcovalana/iStock cars in traffic jam, fog due to exhaust gases from 2035 is supposed to disappear from the streets. In July 2021, the European Commission agreed that car manufacturers no longer be allowed to sell new cars with a diesel or petrol engine- We reported .

Max Verstappen ist mit Platz zehn sehr enttäuscht © Motorsport Images Max Verstappen is very disappointed with ten. After the bulls had already lost Sergio Perez in Q2, world champion Verstappen in Q3 did not get out of the last place, so that he will only tackle the race at Hungaroring on Sunday. The Dutch had already ruined his first run with a bremian in the second curve and only went into the decisive attempt as a seventh. But he couldn't improve there because there were problems with his engine. "I just didn't have any power," he says. "The engine was running, but nothing matted. Of course that is painful."

Red Bull had tried to reset a few sensors to fix it, according to team boss Christian Horner, but unfortunately it didn't work out ". Red Bull does not reveal exactly where the problem was, but motorsport consulent Helmut Marko says at 'Sky': "We think we know what it is and the exchange of this part is possible without punishment."

Tour de France: A big departure in Italy is looming

 Tour de France: A big departure in Italy is looming provided by Sports.fr Cycling-Tour de France: a big departure in Italy is strongly envisaged The Tour de France will soon visit a new country For his big departure? While Denmark recently became the tenth territory outside France to host the event, a rumor was launched in Italy a few weeks ago. Indeed, according to the Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, The 2024 edition of the Grande Boucle would be launched from Florence with three stages fully organized on Italian territory .

Bremser in the first round

Because all other drivers were able to get back in the last run behind him, Verstappen fell back to tenth place from the seventh. With his mistake in the first round, he also has to partially attribute himself that he starts so far back.

"My bikes blocked in curve 2, I just didn't have a grip at the front," says Verstappen. "Maybe the outlap was a little slow," he puzzles. "But usually your second attempt fits and you have another chance, but unfortunately we couldn't do the round."

This is pretty bitter from a red bull perspective, because overtaking in Hungary is difficult, so you need a good starting position. "Singapore, Monte Carlo and here are the three courses where you don't want something like that," says Marko.

after the debacle at the Formula 1 race in France: maximum penalty for Ferrari

 after the debacle at the Formula 1 race in France: maximum penalty for Ferrari Ferrari has the better car, but Red Bull has won eight out of twelve races. Shortly after half-time, seven times winner Max Verstappen (24) in Formula 1 driver's World Cup leads with a 63 lead before the three times successful Charles Leclerc (24). High penalty for Ferrari: The flying Dutchman almost feels pity with the red.

significantly better feeling than Friday

is the question of what would have been possible for Verstappen without the problems. "I don't know," says Horner at 'Sky'. "In theory, he would have been at least fourth, and the route got better," says the Brit, and believes: "We would have had at least a chance for the first row. But luckily it happened today and not tomorrow."

Verstappen says that he had actually felt good until then and was pleasantly surprised by the pace. "The boys and girls in the factory analyzed a lot last night because we were not satisfied at all. We made really positive changes and the car was much better for me."

"We looked very competitive, even in Q2 on the used tires we were always very quick," continued the Dutch. "I was looking forward to Q3, and then the first round didn't go. I knew that the pace was in the car, but unfortunately I couldn't show it."

Mercedes helps in the World Cup fight

at least at Red Bull you can comfort yourself that the main competitor Ferrari also missed the pole position that surprisingly went to George Russell in Mercedes. "I was surprised to see that," says Verstappen. "You were close, but I would not have expected you to make this jump in Q3. Of course that is good for me."

"But", "he continues," you have to do me a favor tomorrow. This is more important. "

from tenth place should be difficult for him to intervene in the fight. However, he excludes a tactical change of engine: "We can still have a good result," he waves. "It is difficult to overtake here, but everything can happen. It is not worth collecting a punishment from tenth place."

These statements of the Mercedes boss make you listen to .
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