Enthusiasts: Fans of the Berlin Union attacked by hooligans from Dynamo Dresden

floating Documenta art project "Citizenship" is located Fest

 floating Documenta art project The floating documenta art project "Citizenship" has to interrupt its journey to Kassel because of a water level of the Weser. "The Citizenship will spend the current dry season on the investor of the 1st MC Wolfsburg on Doctorsee near Rinteln," said a spokeswoman. The organizers from the Berlin Center for Art and Urban Studies hope to be able to drive the remaining 200 kilometers to Kassel in September.

  Des fans de l'Union Berlin agressés par des hooligans du Dynamo Dresde supplied by Sofoot

when he returned from a match won in the German Cup, the Berlin Union supporters were attacked by around thirty Individuals hooded in a fast food on the edge of the highway. “The attackers, mostly hooded, rushed into the parking lot and in the restaurant and apparently struck people there. Some of them have also been stolen from supporters and bags. They were mostly Berlin supporters who came back from Chemnitz, ", said a police spokesperson.

Montagabend Haben Etwa 30 Unbekannte Mehrere Fußballfans Auf Einem Parkplatz eines Schnellrestarants An Der Autobahnabfahrt Der #A13 in #thiendorf überfallen. Hinweise Bitte Unter 0351 483-2233.Diese & Weitere meldungen der Polizeidirektion #dresden : https://t.co/t12uresfzc pic.twitter.com/08htuaru1f

Förderbank: KfW boss Stefan Wintels wants to be more than a crisis manager

 Förderbank: KfW boss Stefan Wintels wants to be more than a crisis manager © provided by Handelsblatt The KfW boss considers the consequences of the war in Ukraine to be "fundamental, structural and long-term" than at Covid. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = Wintels not only wants to save energy companies in need, but also promote future technologies and the sustainable conversion of the economy. Stefan Wintels knows about turbulent times. In the financial crisis, he was involved in the state rescue of money houses as an investment banker.

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Part of the attackers wore Dynamo Dresden stamped clothes, the police said, which also reports car damage. For the time being, nine victims have contacted the police, who lists six slightly injured people. Police add that a 21 -year -old was arrested overnight in Dresden.

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In the fight against their Ballermann image, the administration of the party capital Cologne now really draws all the registers, thinks loudly about nodules for catch chans outside the stadium and thus ensures outrage among FC fans . © Bernd Schöneck The space gained through the bike path laid on the road could soon fall victim to the wider sidewalk.

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