Enthusiasts: Heavy Metal fans celebrate before the festival start in Wacken

"A real seed of the future singer": Amir makes his fans melt with a crisp video of his son Mikhaël

 © Sadaka Edmond/Sipa "A real seed of future singer": Amir melts his fans with a crunchy video His son Mikhaël on his Instagram account, Amir melted by fans by sharing an adorable video where his eldest son Mikhaël, 3 years old, resumes one of his songs. Amir Haddad could not be more filled. Since 2014, the singer has been married to his longtime companion named Lital . "She has accompanied me in the shadows since the beginning of my dream" , recently entrusted to the microphone of Europe 1 .

thousands of heavy metal fans have arrived in the Schleswig-Holstein Wacken before the Heavy Metal Festival begins.

  Heavy-Metal-Fans feiern schon vor Festivalstart in Wacken © provided by Berliner Zeitung

The Festival Wacken Open Air (W: O: A) takes place between August 4 and 6. "The journey is going well and over 50 percent of the space is expected to be busy until evening," said festival participant Thomas Jensen on Tuesday of the German Press Agency. The festival has long been sold out with 75,000 visitors.

The fifth time is Mario Rudnik at the festival. "Once Wacken, always Wacken," said the man from Gießen. The closer the start, the more excited you get. The anticipation among metal fans is high in Corona pandemic after two festival cancellations 2020 and 2021. Most recently there was an internet edition of the festival in 2020. "Finally normal people again," says Nina Still from Bavaria. "The mood is simply unique here."

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 Triangle Tour in Paris: The town hall was searched © Julien Sarboraria Tour Triangle in Paris: the town hall was searched The town hall of Paris was searched in the context of the investigations on Suspicions of favoritism in the file of the triangle tower under construction in the 15th arrondissement of the capital.

On the main street of the village with 1800 inhabitants, the black T-shirts and cowls of the metal fans are already dominating the picture. Beer cars are set up on some entrances to the residents' plots, other residents have been fences in front of their property. On Tuesday, the fans were in line on the Wacken Outlet Store. Before that, a little boy had taken a seat with a large plastic bag, well filled with empty beer cans. "Your deposit my pocket money" was on his small poster.

With the so-called Metal Train, around 750 heavy metal fans with target Wacken Open Air (W: O: A) arrived in Itzehoe on Wednesday. "Everything has remained calm," said federal police spokesman Jürgen Henningsen on Wednesday. The train was sold out.

was also there Metalfan Sepp Blaser from Bavaria. The journey was “hard”. The train started in Munich on Tuesday evening at short after 7 p.m. The arrival in Itzehoe was on Wednesday at 9.30 a.m. When entering the train, the elongated "Wackeeeen" of the fans called metalheads often sounded from the open windows. "This is always a party train," said a federal police spokesman.

Trans Musicales in Rennes. The first names of the next edition unveiled

 Trans Musicales in Rennes. The first names of the next edition unveiled © Dr Zaho de Sagazan. It is Zaho de Sagazan who will be at the Théâtre de l'Aire Libre for the creation of the 44th edition of Trans Musicales, which will take place from December 7 to 11, 2022. Zaho de Sagazan , it is a singular voice and Powerful, those that cause large chills. A serious stamp, alternately carried by its piano or by electronic rhythms, at the crossroads of techno and electronica.

The two main stages are only played on Thursday. According to organizers, 200 bands want to perform in Wacken. Headliners are Judas Priest. Among other things are Slipknot, Powerwolf, Hematom, in Extremo, Lordi, Slime, Venom and the Cologne band Höhner for the first time. Due to medical studies that singers have to undergo thirst, Limp Bizkit has canceled their planned appearance. Among the cancellations was Rammstein singer Till Lindemann , who wanted to play in Wacken with a solo project, but is on a European tour with Rammstein. According to the NDR,

is also the Kiel "crime scene" crew among the guests of the festival. The actors Axel Milberg and Almila Bagriacik shoot with the production team for a new thriller.

The police are again expecting a peaceful course of the festival. "We know from experience that the metal fans are not on riot, but want to have a good time in Wacken," said police spokeswoman Astrid Heidorn. "We therefore do not expect that it will be more unnecessary than before." The police were looking forward to this commitment. “This is a highlight for the metal fans. Nobody drives there who wants to live out frustration. ”

more than 95 percent of the fans had exchanged their cards for the festival that was canceled due to the Corona pandemic in the previous year. The rest of the cards were raffled over a waiting list. It is unclear how the development of the Ukraine war and the increasing energy prices affect the festival, said Jensen. "We have fans from all over the world." Due to increased costs, it is more difficult for many to travel. "Of course we hope that all fans will stand in the holy fields."

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