Enthusiasts: It itches again: Dieter Bohl plans comeback tour with lots of hits and "a lot to tell"

Ultimate Big Pyrenean Day on program

 Ultimate Big Pyrenean Day on program supplied by Sports.fr Cycling - Tour de France (E18): the peloton finished with the Pyrenees when there is no more ... This Thursday, the peloton is Make an appointment for the 18th stage of this 2022 edition of the Tour de France. With a third and last passage in the Pyrenees for this year. A 143.2 km long step, in a course which almost forms a loop, and which will connect Lourdes in Hautacam. For a real departure which will be given from 1:40 p.m.

Berlin-Dieter Bohlen (68) in 2023 not only returns to the RTL casting show " Deutschland sucht den Superstar " (DSDS) , but also on the concert stage.

Begleiten wird Dieter Bohlen (68) eine siebenköpfige Band. Zu den Stationen gehören etwa Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf und Wien. © provided by TAG24 accompany Dieter Bohlen (68) a seven -person band. The stations include Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Vienna.

The pop producer will tour twelve cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from April 16, as Bild reported.

When asked what the fans expect on the tour, Bohlen said: "A very good gelaunter Dieter, who plays 25 number of the past 37 years and knows a lot about the past few years."

there is a lot to laugh about, a lot of party and "a lot you don't know yet". A seven -person band will accompany him. The stations include Berlin , Hamburg , Düsseldorf and Vienna.

Simon Geschke at the Tour de France: Winner without reward

 Simon Geschke at the Tour de France: Winner without reward Simon Geschke can no longer win the jersey for the best mountaineer, but he is still a winner of this Tour de France. A comment. © Photo: Imago/Belga without a happy ending. Simon Geschke only wears the mountain jersey. Simon Geschke had no choice. When the 19th stage of the Tour de France ended on Friday, the Berlin cycling professional again finished this white jersey with the red dots.

The time without the stage was also nice, but then it itches again, according to the former "Modern Talking" singer, who should also have physically good conditions for his tour and TV inserts.

"The truth for me is really that I do almost too much sport. There are days when I do something for myself for four to five hours. Jogging, swimming, strength training, stretching, tennis etc.", said the 68- Year olds.

RTL announced in July that Bohlen will return to the jury for the next 20th and last DSDS relay. Only in the past, the 19th season, did the jury boss not been there.

Weg free for 9-euro ticket successor-so it continues .
The people want it, politics reacts. Finance Minister Lindner officially gives the green light for the successor of the extremely popular 9-euro ticket. The facts. © Imago / Photothek Olaf Scholz, Christian Lindner, Nancy Faeser, Volker Wissing, Robert Habeck Federal Finance Minister Lindner and Federal Transport Minister Wissing (both FDP) have put the heads together and can announce according to Businessinsider.de : Yes, yes, There will be a successor for the success model "9-euro ticket" exp

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