Enthusiasts: fuel prices: 12 cents difference between tomorrow and evening

fuel prices for petrol continues to fall - Super E10 at pre -war level

 fuel prices for petrol continues to fall - Super E10 at pre -war level Munich. Motorists with petrol engines can recharge their batteries again and immediately before the Ukraine War broke out. However, the ADAC does not see the reason for relaxation. © Julius-Christian Schreiner Super E10 has again reached the level before the war. The sink flight of fuel prices continues. Super gasoline of the E10 variety is again at the level before the start of the Ukraine war, as can be seen from ADAC numbers on Wednesday. One liter cost 1.75 euros in the nationwide average o

The fuel prices are currently not only high, they also fluctuate particularly strongly during the day. In July, the ADAC found an average of 12 cents difference between the climax in the morning rush hour traffic and the favorable evening hours, as he announced on Thursday. The cheapest fueled between 9:00 p.m. and just before 10 p.m.

Eine Tankstelle im bayerischen Rosenheim. © Uwe Lein/dpa A petrol station in Rosenheim in Bavaria.

The ADAC had repeated its examination of the fuel price every May this year during the day in July. Due to the turbulence around the tax discount on petrol and diesel, the experts believed that the typical development had also been considered during the day. But even if the differences are currently very high, not much has changed in the basic system: from around 5 a.m. the prices rise to reach their climax at around 7 a.m. In July, the prices for both diesel and E10 were 8 cents higher than the daily average.

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From this tip, the price curve for both fuels then runs down in waves. From the early afternoon, the price is typically below the daily average. From shortly after 4 p.m. to shortly before 10 p.m. it is continuously 2 cents with lighter fluctuations. Anyone who rumbles shortly before 7 p.m. or between 9 p.m. and shortly before 10 p.m. can save a little more: up to four cents compared to the daily average. There are hardly any price changes at night.

The 12 cents difference at E10 and diesel are comparatively much. The ADAC has been carrying out the investigation once a year in May since 2015. For E10, a greater distance between morning and evening has never been determined, for diesel: In May this year it was an extraordinary 17 cents.

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