Enthusiasts: Road Safety in Burkina Faso: Sensitize the wearing of motorcycle headphones

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Centre ville de Ouagadougou, le 23 janvier 2022 (Image d'illustration) © AFP - Olympia de Maismont Center town of Ouagadougou, January 23, 2022 (Illustration Image)

in Burkina Faso, this is the week of awareness to road safety. Under the aegis of the National Road Safety Office, several associations, including bikers of Faso, helmets, or the zero drop of blood, sensitize populations on the wearing of helmet and the use of the belt of security.

with our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

Several teams are posted around the youth roundabout in Ouagadougou. While some discuss motorcyclists, others make big signs to motorists, inviting them to wear their seat belt. "We invite them, indeed, to wear the helmet," explains Ms. Samé, born Yameogo Boudnooma Nina, from the National Road Safety Office. The helmet protects our head. When the head receives the shock, it is very difficult.

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The two-wheelers in the viewfinder

There is also awareness of the use of a device to retain children-passing trees on motorcycles. According to Bintou Sanou of the helmets association, this protects the child in the event of a fall. "It is a seat belt for children, for two-wheelers. In general, people take the children behind. They just have their arms to stay around the person driving while it is not sure. What if a child falls asleep in circulation and falls?

in Burkina Faso, many users of two -wheelers also accuse traders of selling mopeds without associating a helmet. "When I went to buy my motorcycle, I claimed the helmet and I was told that it was not going with it. So you have to spend another 15,000 or 20,000 more on the helmet.

The merchants received a copy of a decree which requires the delivery of a helmet to any buyer of a motorcycle. Any offender will inflict a fine ranging from one to 25 million CFA francs.

because of Qatar conversion: Motorcycle opening 2023 in Portugal

 because of Qatar conversion: Motorcycle opening 2023 in Portugal because of a route renovation at Lusail International Circuit in Qatar, the 2023 motorcycle World Cup in Portimao/Portugal takes place. The World Cup marketer Dorna announced this. For the last time the first time run in 2006, the first time was not held on the course near Doha. © Filippo Montefort The start of the motorcycle World Cup takes place in Portugal. It has been clear since May that it cannot be driven in Qatar next year at the beginning of the season.

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85% of the accidents are head trauma

The National Road Safety Office hears, with its partners, Multiply awareness campaigns on wearing helmet towards populations and traders. "A study at the Tingandogo hospital center highlights that more than 85% of patients victims of accidents are head trauma and 80% of these victims are two-wheelers, justifies Aboubacar Fofana, the acting director of the 'National Road Safety Office. Indeed, we note that some of these sellers do not include the helmet during the sale. This is why, moreover, that it was awarded, symbolically, a copy of this decree to the union of sellers and importers of cycles and mopeds at the level of Burkina Faso. "

" In the text, indeed, there are sanctions that are planned, but I think that with the new approach, we will not arrive until then. I think all of the actors, all stakeholders are aware, indeed, of the need to carry helmet. They are ready, with the administration, in a synergy of actions, to work so that the weight of the helmet is a reality in Burkina Faso. »

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