Enthusiasts: Delain: Diana Leah is now singing for the Symphonic Metal

Heavy Metal fans celebrate before the festival start in Wacken

 Heavy Metal fans celebrate before the festival start in Wacken thousands of heavy metal fans have arrived in the Schleswig-Holstein Wacken before the Heavy Metal Festival begins. © provided by Berliner Zeitung The Festival Wacken Open Air (W: O: A) takes place between August 4 and 6. "The journey is going well and over 50 percent of the space is expected to be busy until evening," said festival participant Thomas Jensen on Tuesday of the German Press Agency. The festival has long been sold out with 75,000 visitors.

with brand new material in store, especially for the current front woman of Delain, Diana Leah, unexplored spheres.

  Delain: Diana Leah singt ab sofort für die Symphonic-Metaller © provided by www.metal-hammer.de

with brand new material in store, especially for the current front woman of Delain, Diana Leah, unexplored spheres.

Delain are back. With ‘The Quest and the Curse’, the Symphonic Metallers have again fought into the focus of the subgenre's attention within a very short time. Less than a week after the publication of the music video for the Taufrische Delain single, the band is already calling for a quarter of a million calls. This may be due to the sensation of her return, but primarily the new face of the band, which also adorns the video thumbnail from 'The Quest and the Curse'.

Wacken hammer! Heavy Metal Festival for 2023 already sold out

 Wacken hammer! Heavy Metal Festival for 2023 already sold out Wacken-just five hours after the start of the pre-sale for the heavy metal festival in Wacken 2023, all 80,000 tickets were sold. © provided by TAG24 The Wacken should take four days for the first time in the coming year. This was announced by the organizer of the Wacken Open Air (W: O: A) on Monday morning. The sale started on Sunday at 8 p.m., and after just five hours the marked mark of 80,000 tickets was reached.

With the single, Martjin Westerholt already presented us the reformed Delain list after the project in 2021 abandoned all members of the well-known constellation. While Ronald Landa and Sander Zoer are also welcomed as a returnee on board, Ludovico Cioffi and Diana Leah are getting in for the first time. In a Q&A video, she revealed that the front woman in a metal band for Diana Leah is a drastic career return turn that was recently uploaded to Delain on the YouTube channel.

can be so easy

Apparently the band - especially Diana Leah - received countless questions after starting an appeal via Instagram. Since the interest had probably gave birth to the suspected framework, the decision was made to put the new singer in front of the lens so that she can familiarize her expectant fiction.

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When asked how the musician would have come to the Dutch Symphonic Metal band Delain, the 32-year-old said: “It was actually very simple. I knew that the band was looking for a new singer, so I left a comment on her Instagram page. A few days later I received an email from Martjin and we talked about it a little. Then he sent me a few pieces that I could sing. And the rest then emerged. ”

fateful in the metal

and although the Romanian native had little to nothing in her past, the desire for a metal career should always have existed . "I once sang in a few rock bands," she said. “But that wasn't really hard music, as I loved her back then. It was really difficult to find the right people ... not just to found a band. It should also be people with whom you get by. But I've always wanted to play in a metal band. Always. ”

Leah also told a little about its origin and the trips that she had already experienced as a young person. She reported on her birthplace Alba Iulia, a small town in Transylvania, which she had left at the age of 15 to move to Italy. Ten years later, the musician moved to Canada, where she spent five years before she settled near Turin again.

In order to get a more concrete impression of the new Delain front woman Diana Leah, the question-and-response session via YouTube:


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