Enthusiasts: Total Metal boss Wolf: Coming China Almost impossible

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The President of the Total Metal Employers' Association, Stefan Wolf, considers it almost impossible to reduce the economic dependence on China at short notice. "This is inconceivable," said Wolf of the German Press Agency. The background is demands to rethink the economic relationships with China because of the Chinese threatening gestures towards Taiwan and report on massive human rights violations.

Stefan Wolf, Vorstandsvorsitzender der ElringKlinger AG und Präsident des Gesamtverbands der Arbeitgeberverbände der Metall- und Elektro-Industrie, im dpa-Interview. © Marijan Murat/dpa Stefan Wolf, CEO of Elringklinger AG and President of the overall association of the employers' associations of the metal and electrical industry, in the dpa interview.

The dependency is "immense", said the overall metal boss. "The trade relationships with China are also completely different from those with Russia." The industry would be paralyzed in many places in an economic war of the West. «Imagine, we suddenly cut off everything that comes from China to Europe today. That is unimaginable. "

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added that 50 percent of the semiconductors from Taiwan are delivered. It is almost impossible for the German economy to prepare for such a conflict with China. «You can't prepare for that. You can't suddenly start relocating everything that comes from China. » Wolf continued: "If I think about what comes from China, tons of parts, finished products." It is often said: «What we are about to receive from China today, we will get that somewhere else. Yes, where? " In addition, German companies operated many factories in China. Here, too, there is often the demand to shift it. «That would mean that large production capacities in this world are empty and are unused. That is completely illusory. "

"In my view, this topic is almost insoluble"

The 60 -year -old leader of association also warned of the consequences for the global economy, which in particular felt the Germans. The problem is: «In my view, a Taiwan crisis would immediately intervene the USA in some form, which they did not do in Russia. We then have a big problem in Germany. » He is convinced: «The Americans will say: Those who still do business with China are no longer doing business with USA. That means we would then have to choose a market. Wolf continued: “In my view, this topic is almost insoluble because we cannot actually give up the US market for the Chinese market. And vice versa either. " Beijing sees Taiwan as part of the People's Republic.

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The head of the car supplier Elringklinger from Baden-Württemberg relies on the Chinese to shy away from the West before an economic war. «The Chinese know very well that their economy is massively depending on Europe and the USA. The economies are so closely connected to each other, and China is many times more dependent on Europe and the United States than it is Russia. » China must have a “huge interest” of leaving these trade routes open. Otherwise a collapse threatens: «In the constellation, our global economy would be completely mixed up. I don't even know how to solve it. »

"These entire geopolitical risks have not been seen"

, however, the conflict with Russia was not foreseeable until recently. The German economy also thought that the Russian energy deliveries would always continue. «It was a bit blue -eyed too. We also believed in the economy that it will always run that way, especially since it was the case in the Cold War. » The economy had failed to insist on stronger diversification in energy supply in politics. "You have not seen all these geopolitical risks and these geostrategic risks that have now been realized here."

Heavy Metal fans celebrate before the festival start in Wacken

 Heavy Metal fans celebrate before the festival start in Wacken thousands of heavy metal fans have arrived in the Schleswig-Holstein Wacken before the Heavy Metal Festival begins. © provided by Berliner Zeitung The Festival Wacken Open Air (W: O: A) takes place between August 4 and 6. "The journey is going well and over 50 percent of the space is expected to be busy until evening," said festival participant Thomas Jensen on Tuesday of the German Press Agency. The festival has long been sold out with 75,000 visitors.

Wolf said you had to draw teaching. “Many German companies have invested in Ukraine and founded subsidiaries there and produce there. I think we will continue to consider much more foreign investments under geostrategic and geopolitical risks in the future. » He admitted: «You saw the cost advantages in Eastern Europe and the subsidies. But geostrategic topics have not been taken into account. In my view, that was a big mistake. »

, however, also warned the overall metal boss to completely say goodbye to the Russian market. “Machine and plant builders are suffering at the moment because the Russian market has broken away. This is really a topic where you also have to worry about whether it is right that we will close this market. » The market is currently being taken by China and Turkey, where there are also good machines and plant construction.

China appreciates the permanence and stability of the British crown .
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