Enthusiasts: Griveaux case: Piotr Pavlenski and Alexandra de Taddeo returned to correctional

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Benjamin GRIVEAUX, ex-porte-parole du gouvernement. © Antoine Soubigou / Archives Ouest-France Benjamin Griveaux, ex-government's range.

New twist in said Griveaux affair. The couple Piotr Pavlenski - Alexandra de Taddeo will be referred to correctional, after decision of two investigating judges on Monday September 5, 2022.

This case had signed the end of the political ascent of Benjamin Griveaux and the withdrawal of his candidacy at the town hall of Paris. Monday September 5, 2022, justice decided that Piotr Pavlenski and Alexandra de Taddeo would be sent to the criminal court for having broadcast in 2020 a sexual video of the politician.

Achievement of privacy intimacy

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Piotr Pavlenski and Alexandra de Taddeo will appear before the Paris Criminal Court for "infringement of privacy".

They are suspected of having recorded and then broadcast on the Internet these intimate videos who had led to the withdrawal of the former minister of the municipal race in the capital a few weeks before the ballot.

In their prescription, the judges note that Piotr Pavlenski and Alexandra de Taddeo have "recognized" having deliberately recorded these images, Alexandra de Taddeo explaining them as a precaution in order to "prove" their relationship.

The judges, on the other hand, question the claims of Alexandre de Taddeo according to which the dissemination of

images "would have been carried out by his companion without her agreeing, or even without having been informed of it" , and rather retain "its direct involvement" in view of "several factual elements" .

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Following the public prosecutor's opinion, the instructing magistrates have definitively put out of the case Me Juan Branco, one of the lawyers for Piotr Pavlenski, although they believe that

"He probably played an active role in the broadcast of videos litigious ”.

published to "denounce the hypocrisy" of Benjamin Griveaux

Piotr Pavlenski had said that it had published the video for

"Denouncing hypocrisy" by Benjamin Griveaux. According to the Russian artist, the video was provided by a woman who had a relationship granted with the politician. It turned out later that it was Alexandra de Taddeo.

"He is someone who is constantly based on family values, who says he wants to be the mayor of families and always quotes his wife and children as an example. But it does the opposite, ”, said Pavlenski in Liberation.

After the revelation of intimate videos of Benjamin Griveaux, Piotr Pavlenski and his partner Alexandra de Taddeo

had been arrested in February 2020 then indicted.

The Russian artist, political refugee in France since 2017, had claimed the editing and broadcasting of the videos that Benjamin Griveaux, 44, had addressed to Alexandra de Taddeo during their brief relationship, between May and August 2018.

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