Enthusiasts: Inflation: The purchasing power of households should drop by 0.5 % in 2022, according to INSEE

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  Tested: 2022 Toyota GR86 Premium vs. 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club Which descendant of postwar two-seaters is today's best budget-friendly sports car?If the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the Toyota GR86 were on the show Finding Your Roots, both would trace their ancestry back to wispy midcentury European roadsters. Over the decades, many of those Old World sports cars died out or evolved into bigger and more complex things, leaving only Mazda and Toyota (and Subaru, maker of the GR86's twin, the BRZ) building basic, pared-down, inexpensive sports cars that deliver old-school fun.

Les mesures mises en place par le gouvernement cet été ont amorti la chute du pouvoir d'achat, alors que la croissance devrait s’établir à 2,6 % en 2022. LP/Arnaud Journois © LP / Arnaud Journois The measures put in place by the Government this summer have amortized the fall of the power of Purchase, while growth is expected to be 2.6 % in 2022. LP/Arnaud Journois The billions of euros unlocked by the government are paying off. According to the economic point presented this Wednesday by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), the purchasing power of the French is resistant to the surge of prices, in a context where growth should be established year at 2.6 %. Over the whole of 2022, this purchasing power would drop by 0.5 % compared to 2021. A decrease which remains significant but less than what the rise in prices, in particular those of energy, suggested. Especially since at the start of the year, he had dropped sharply. Respectively 1.8 % in the first quarter and 1.2 % in the second quarter. For the last semester, INSEE, on the contrary, envisages an important rebound. A change due to the shock absorbers put in place this summer by the government through the law of purchasing power. In its note, the institute lists, pell-mell, the impact on the "dynamism of wages" of the "revaluation of the minimum wage intervened on August 1, that of the index point for public service agents and the premium sharing value, which succeeds the exceptional bonus of purchasing power ”. To this is added the revaluation of 4 % on July 1, many social benefits and the exceptional back -to -school bonus. Bosts which already boost the purchasing power of the French and which should still improve in the fourth quarter, under the effect of the abolition of the contribution to the public audiovisual and the continuation of the drop in the tax D 'Housing for households concerned. The modest income more exposed but be careful not to embellish the situation too much: "It is an average, tempers Anne-Sophie Alsif, economist chef at the BDO France consulting firm. Between two households, there may be big differences. When basic necessities, such as energy and food increases, the impact is more important for modest income. Especially since inflation remains high. After a slight withdrawn in August (5.8 % against 6.1 % in July, due to a decrease in the barrel of oil), it should reach 6.5 % in December, maintained by the continuous rise in prices food. Insee believes that food goods will be the first contributor to inflation, before energy. An inflation which still remains lower than our European neighbors since in one year inflation in the 19 countries in the euro zone established itself in August at 9.1 %. France has limited breakage thanks in particular to the price shield on electricity prices and those of gas but also to the pump discounts. Also according to INSEE, these measures helped to alleviate the overall inflation of around 2.5 points in September. It is an understatement to say that the content of the new energy shield for 2023, which must be detailed during the presentation of the finance bill , is highly anticipated. The government has already warned that, for the majority of French people, it would not cover all increases in electricity and gas prices. If the most modest households would be more protected, for others, the bill could increase between 10 % and 20 %. In all cases, for 2023, the purchasing power should still increase around 1 %. All with fairly soft growth, evaluated at 1 %. Because it is a slowdown that points to the horizon, the figures of the institute attest to this. In its conjuncture note, it notes a clear degradation of the economic climate, tabling on growth of 0.2% in the third quarter of 2022, then 0.0% for the last three months of the year, against +0.3 % planned for each period during the point carried out in June.

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