Enthusiasts: The inevitable demographic peak

heat wave. Thirteen orange alert departments, new heat peak expected this Sunday

 heat wave. Thirteen orange alert departments, new heat peak expected this Sunday © Illustration / Franck Dubray / Ouest-France A new heat peak will strike France this Sunday, July 24, 2022. La France will again have to face Strong temperatures this Sunday, July 24, 2022. The thermometer should frequently exceed 30 ° C, only Brittany should be spared. It should be very hot again, this Sunday, July 24, 2022, on a good part of France. A new heat peak is expected, even if it looks a little less important than last week.

  L'inévitable pic démographique © supplied by Techno-Science The question is no longer whether the world population will decline by the end of the century, but from when it will start to decline. Already in 2050, around sixty countries should experience a demographic decline.

We have mentioned a lot of China and India, in the media which reported, in August, the new projections published by the United Nations: India, because it should exceed China around 2030 , the latter having started to see its population slightly decrease, to 1.4 billion inhabitants. But in reality, this decline is already started in Europe: its population a decreased by 744,000 in 2020 and by 1.4 million in 2021.

38 ° C in Lyon, Dijon… The heat wave is shifted on the eastern France, 26 departments still on orange alert

 38 ° C in Lyon, Dijon… The heat wave is shifted on the eastern France, 26 departments still on orange alert © Copyright 2022, the Obs Mercury will climb high this Thursday, August 4 in the East from France. The third scorching episode of this burning summer which is coupled with drought vigilance throughout the territory strikes the east of France: it will be 36 ° C in Strasbourg, and up to 38 ° C in Lyon and Dijon.

and it is a long -term trend, since the number Children by family has been back in Europe since the 1960s . The UN report estimates that Germany could see its population decrease by 5% by 2050 and Italy, by 10%. In Japan, the trend is even clearer: from 125 million today, the population could increase to 90 million in 2065 and 50 million in 2115, according to a national research center.

On a planet level, we speak of a population that would reach a peak between 8.8 and 9 billion around 2050, and would have decreased between 8.2 and 8.7 billion in 2100. The figures vary Depending on the scenarios used (0.5 children per family, or a little more, or a little less). This can give a peak as late as in 2086. But the long -term trend is undeniable.

If all this represents a good news for the environment , it will require adjustments to the economy of which few elected officials dare to speak. To begin with, economic growth such as the second half of the 20th century is incompatible with a demographic decline: this is already the case in Japan, of which The economic slowdown reflects the decline in its population of age of age Working since the 1990s. It can involve, as in Germany, an increase in taxes to compensate for the increased number of retirees, a phenomenon will face a good part of Europe and North America.

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  L'inévitable pic démographique © supplied by Techno-Science 1 © supplied by Techno-Science

but beyond taxes, inequalities are likely to increase with   L'inévitable pic démographique The aging of the population : if the proportion of the population on the market of the Work decreases, this means an increase in income ... but only for this part of the working age population which is decreasing. Furthermore, a slowdown in the economy in rich countries will have repercussions in poorer countries: less production for export to rich countries, therefore losses of jobs, resulting in an exodus of workers to rich countries , and new tensions to be expected around the theme of immigration. Source: ASP

loading of e-cars at Lidl soon no longer free of charge .
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