Enthusiasts: Total Metal boss: Employees should help save

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The President of the Total Metal employers' association, Stefan Wolf, relies on the accommodation of the employees in the event of a gas deficiency. "I believe that there are many employees who try to save electricity and thus costs and secure their jobs by working from home," said Wolf of the German Press Agency. "I expect that too."

Stefan Wolf ist Präsident des Gesamtverbands der Arbeitgeberverbände der Metall- und Elektro-Industrie. © Marijan Murat/dpa Stefan Wolf is the president of the overall association of employers' associations of the metal and electrical industry.

"We only know how dramatic the situation will be in autumn when it is clear whether Putin completely turns the gas off," said Wolf. He fears that the Russian president "will do this and will meet us violently". Then you have to pull all the stops. The companies would have carried out everything that goes. At temperatures in offices, however, they are bound to the Workplace Ordinance. "You should think about whether you change the workplace regulation again and we can go down to 18 degrees," said Wolf. Currently, 19 to 20 degrees are determined as minimum value in work rooms in which it is mostly sitting - depending on the work heavy.

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IG Metall boss is skeptical

"His production employees will certainly see Mr. Wolf in his works," said IG Metall boss Jörg Hofmann of the German Press Agency. He also has great doubts that it is really more energy -efficient if a lot of employees work at home and consume electricity and heat energy there, said Hofmann. "And it's about saving energy in a crisis and not about saving for the company." In addition, switching off and recurring larger buildings is used by more energy than heating through. "So there are more than doubts here," said Hofmann.

People should rethink, Wolf said. "We have to think about how we can keep the prosperity we have." So far, it has always been a matter of permanently increasing prosperity. "We will have less available and will have to turn our claims back," said Wolf. He was firmly convinced that this crisis will get through: "This will certainly not be in 2023, but maybe 2024 or 2025." And then there will be something to distribute again.

From concern for possible energy bottlenecks, savings specifications have come into force at the beginning of the month, which are intended to press consumption in the next six months. For workplaces in private economy, the regulation does not stipulate that room temperatures must be reduced, for example, in offices. However, it is enabled that employers are allowed to heat less legally in the commercial sector and have the opportunity to follow the example of the public sector. This is the basis for self -commitments from companies and operational agreements for energy saving.

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