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Motorcycles: Harley Quinn: How was the famous DC DC created?

The rings of power (Video premium): but by the way, what are the rings of power?

 The rings of power (Video premium): but by the way, what are the rings of power? © Amazon Studios The rings of power (Video Prime): but by the way, what are the rings of power? Prime Video launched season 1 of the rings of power, inspired by the universe of the Lord of the Rings, created by J.R.R Tolkien. Télé-Loisirs invites you to come back to the history of these rings with a decisive destiny. Friday September 9, the fans of the Tolkien saga were able to discover the third episode of the rings of power on Prime Video.

  Harley Quinn : comment la célèbre méchante DC a-t-elle été créée ? © Warner Bros. / DC

which appeared in September 1992 in the animated series Batman , Harley Quinn, the former psychiatrist of the Joker who ended up falling in love with his patient, was so popular that DC Comics decided to import him into comics for the greater pleasure from his fans. She was thus entitled to her own comics in October 1999.

It was at the duo Paul Dini and Bruce Timm that we owe her creation ... with a small advantage for Dini: he went to seek the Inspiration on the side of the Soap Opera of the days and lives, broadcast on the NBC channel. More particularly in a dream sequence where actress Arleen Sorkin is disguised with an Arlequin costume.

Below, Paul Dini discusses with Kevin Smith (big fan of comics in front of the eternal ...) in voiceover about the creation of the character, s…

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