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Motorcycles: Ducati Party: Bologna is ready to record Pecco Bagnaia

France: Green boss Julien Bayou, according to ex-partner's allegations of violence, returns

 France: Green boss Julien Bayou, according to ex-partner's allegations of violence, returns An ex-partner says that France's green party leader Bayou has taken her psychological violence. Now he has announced his withdrawal from several offices. Another party is under pressure due to similar allegations. © Ludovic Marin/ AFP An ex-partner raises accusations against the party leader of the French Greens-this is said to have exercised psychological violence. Now Julien Bayou has given up his post.

Ducati Party in Bologna after an extraordinary season both in the MotoGP and in the Superbike with winning the driver and manufacturer's championship, Ducati is ready to with all its fans with one To celebrate real party, which will take place on Thursday, December 15th at Piazza Maggiore in Bologna. The absolute stars are of course Pecco Bagnaia, winner of the MotoGP World Championship, and Alvaro Bautista, world champion in SBK. But there will also be many luxurious guests, like the singer J-Ax and comedian Giuseppe Giacobazzi, to name just a few.

  Ducati-Party: Bologna ist bereit, Pecco Bagnaia aufzunehmen © provided by

The announcement was made by the CEO of the Borgo Panigale-Stall, Claudio Domenicali: "It is a very emotional moment for a Bolognese like me, a season like this on the Piazza Maggiore in the middle of fans, enthusiasts Or to be able to celebrate simple citizens is something particularly exciting. It will not only be a celebration, but also a lecture on the motor Valley, whose natural center is Bologna. The year 2022 was not easy, we believed that we were up to In the end in the hover, and now we have to run to organize the well -deserved celebration, we hope that it is only the beginning of a new cycle. "

CDU boss against AfD ban: "They are organizing new ones the next day" .
after the anti-terrorist raid against so-called Reichsbürger and individual AfD politicians, CDU boss Friedrich Merz rejects a ban on the party as useless. "I don't think anything about such ban procedures," he told the broadcaster World on Wednesday evening. “They are organized the next day and are in another party. And then the game starts all over, ”he said. A political argument is necessary, not a legal. © dpa CDU boss Friedrich Merz rejects an AfD ban after the anti-terrorist raid.

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