Motorcycles: MotoGP from 2023? TOPRAK RAZGATLIOGLU comments with the Yamaha M1

WSBK Assen: Gerloff clears RazgAlioglu in the first curve, Rea triumphed!

 WSBK Assen: Gerloff clears RazgAlioglu in the first curve, Rea triumphed! © Motorsport Images Garrett Gerloff (31) cleared Yamaha brand colleague Toprak Razgatlioglu (54) from the path Kawasaki pilot Jonathan Rea has secured the victory in the second asses race ( to the Race Result ). The world champion showed a strong catch-up after he lost some positions in curve 1. Responsible for this was Yamaha-Pilot Garrett Gerloff, who enthused to the brake completely enthusiasted and the World Cup candidate Toprak razguloglu out of the race.

Toprak Razgatlioglu will sich von den MotoGP-Gerüchten nicht ablenken lassen © Motorsport Images Toprak Razgatlioglu does not want to distract from the MotoGP rumors

Yamaha Pilot Toprak Razgatlioglu is located on course to his first title in the Superbike World Cup. After Jerez, he performs the World Cup with 20 points lead. With the title win, Razgatlioglu would end the performance series of Record Champion Jonathan Rea and Kawasaki. At the same time it would be Yamaha's first title since success with Ben Spies in the 2009 season. Many of the paddocks are already wondering how well Razguloglu would harmonize with a MotoGP bike and what he would be capable of living class.

One week ago, it suffered that there are already considerations to test a Yamaha M1 at the end of the year ( more information ). "The plan was to test the MotoGP bike after the race weekend in Indonesia," says Razgatlioglu and adds: "I still have a lot of time to test the MotoGP bike. But I first focus on my job here."

Petronas in Aragon (time again) with new bid

 Petronas in Aragon (time again) with new bid © Motorsport Images So went the Petronas teams in the season 2021 - in Aragon is a lot different The teams of Petronas in the motorcycle World Cup are located a few months before the retreat again strong in the upheaval. At the upcoming race weekend, the Grand Prix of Aragon in the Motorland Aragon at Alcaniz in Spain (10th to 12th September), one takes again with a changed driver's bid. in the MotoGP class is used at Petronas-Yamaha next to Valentino Rossi for the second time Jake Dixon.

Even if raclioglus great dream - the profit of the Superbike World Cup - will come true this year, he will stay in the series. "I will continue here," he confirms. "I have a contract for two more years here. I hope to become world champion this year. In the coming year I will stay in the Superbike World Cup at the Superbike family. I like this paddock. I was born here."

"Maybe I'm going to the MotoGP after I became world champion next year," whispered Razgatlioglu. "This year and next year I will definitely stay here."

Yamaha-WSBK project manager Andrea Dosoli has already been expressed in the conversation with '' in Jerez to a possible MotoGP test. That Razgatlioglu can also be successful in the MotoGP, dosoli does not doubt.

"A driver with talent can adapt to any kind of machine," the Yamaha Manager knows from experience. "A talented driver recognizes how he can get the maximum from the respective motorcycle no matter in which category."

Model Ben Spies: Yamaha enthuses from Toprak RazgaLoglus approach .
at Yamaha prevails after winning the Superbike World Championship. Only for the second time did Yamaha managed to win the driver championship in the WSBK. Ben Spies spent Yamaha 2009 the first WSBK success. TOPRAK RAZGATLIOGLU secured twelve years later the long-privileged second title. © Motorsport Photo Project Manager Andrea Dosoli knew from the beginning that Toprak Razgatlioglu is a special driver.

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