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Motorcycles: Ducati: Bautista victories laminated the vulnerability of the Panigale V4R

WSBK 2022: Scott Redding changes from Ducati to BMW

 WSBK 2022: Scott Redding changes from Ducati to BMW © Motorsport Images Scott Redding leaves Ducati and makes room for its predecessor Scott Redding will compete in the upcoming WSBK season for the BMW worksteam. Just in front of the racing weekend in Navarre, BMW confirmed that Redding in the season 2022 teammates of Michael Van will be the mark. is unclear as it continues with Tom Sykes. The Brit has been constantly BMW Pilot in recent years.

WSBK 2019: Alvaro Bautista bildete mit der Ducati Panigale V4R eine schlagkräftige Verbindung © Motorsport Images WSBK 2019: Alvaro Bautista formed with the Ducati Panigale V4R a powerful connection

as Alvaro Bautista with eleven partially extremely sovereign victories started in the WSBK 2019 WSBK season, Indicated everything that the then brand new Ducati Panigale V4R is the new measure of things in the Superbike World Cup.

Two and a half years later, Ducati continues to be in vain for a World Cup success in the series where they have dominated for years. Ten years ago, the Italians took their last title in the Superbike World Cup.

In the current season, Ducati-Pilot Scott Redding still has outsider opportunities on the title. Currently, Redding is 54 points. The two finals WSBK events are still awarded 124 points. Thus, Ducati relies on the luck of the competition if it should work in the third year with the V4 Panigale with the title.

Honda 2022: Tom Sykes and Chaz Davies show great interest

 Honda 2022: Tom Sykes and Chaz Davies show great interest © HRC Honda is looking for a suitable successor for Alvaro Bautista Ducati confirmed after the WSBK event in Navarre the return of Alvaro Bautista into the work team ( more info ). After two mixed years at Honda, Bautista returns to Ducati and wants to build on the success of 2019 with the Panigale V4R. Honda takes care of a substitute for the Spaniard. Two experienced and fast drivers would be available with Tom Sykes and Chaz Davies.

Alvaro Bautista and Ducati Dear 2019 The WSBK Competition

Why Ducati dominated at the first races and has been struggling with missing constancy? "At the beginning of the project, it was not clear what the weakness of the motorcycle could be", commented Ducati-Technikdirektor Marco Zambenedetti in conversation with '' and admits: "Thanks to Alvaro's services, it looked like the motorcycle is very strong in all areas. "

"After three years you can stick that the engine is one of the biggest strengths. The engine in the Superbike World Cup is very similar to the engine of the serial machine. We are very proud of that," explains the Ducati engineer and adds: " We can provide our customers an incredibly good motorcycle. "

Jonathan Rea confirms: Work window of the Ducati Panigale V4R is too small

 Jonathan Rea confirms: Work window of the Ducati Panigale V4R is too small © Motorsport Images Jonathan Rea missed the top 3 two times, Scott Redding Twelve times After two vice-titles in a row should finally follow the first title this year, but Ducati Fight in the third year with the V4 Panigale with problems. From route to route, the achievements of the Ducati pilots differ more extreme than the Kawasaki and Yamaha pilots. Current is Scott Redding as a World Cup third best Ducati pilot.

Complete focus on the rear of the Panigale V4R

at the chassis Ducati has made some changes over the past three years. "The frame and the front part of the chassis is not bad. Since last year we focus on the back part of the machine and work on the spring elements and stiffness," reveals Marco Zambenedetti.

"We want to find a way to find a better compromise for all riders, as far as the grip, performance and durability of the tires are concerned. It is important to bring about a complete RenDistance as much performance as possible to the ground. This is in my opinion the greatest area in the upcoming development, "said the Italian.

But what just sounds, is very complex in practice. "It can not be changed with a single component," commented Marco Zambenedetti. "It's about the right compromise in the deflection of the strut and stiffness of the tail. The heading of the driver in relation to the motorcycle is crucial. The weight distribution is a point where we work."

WSBK Portimao FT2: Kawasaki duo front, no BMW in the top 10!

 WSBK Portimao FT2: Kawasaki duo front, no BMW in the top 10! © Motorsport Images Jonathan Rea was his favorite role meet Superbike World Champion Jonathan Rea has brought the fastest time Friday in the World Superbike Championship at Portimao. The Kawasaki rider lapped the course in FT2 in 1: 41,466 minutes and referred teammate Alex Lowes on the second position. Leon Haslam brought Honda into the top 3. Less well passed the training for BMW. The noon Rea led the scoring with a 1: 41.542er-time ( to FT1 report ).

solve the problems alone when Alvaro Returns Bautista?

"The race dance is lighter. This influences the driving behavior of the motorcycle. At the beginning of the project we worn on the tank and pushed the position of the feed backwards. We still examine this area to find the best compromise" , explains the Ducati technical director.

The problem with the weight distribution could already solve 2022 by itself when Alvaro Bautista returns to the Ducati work team. Bautista is significantly smaller and lighter than redding. "Another driver changes pretty much in this scenario. We know that from the past," says Marco ZambenDetti.

"We know what Alvaros are strengthening," the Ducati technical director looks straightforward to the WSBK season 2022. "We only have to work with him. He now has a lot of experience with the Pirelli tires. We have more experience with The motorcycle. Our starting point will be better. "

Yamaha Manager Lin Jarvis: "Tense, like Ducati MotoGP and Motoe creates" .
© Ducati The eight Ducati drivers for the MotoGP season 2022 The involvement of Ducati in the motorcycle World Cup is getting bigger. From 2022, the Italians will equip eight MotoGP drivers with motorcycles - as much as no other brand. Since each driver has two bikes, the a total of 16 machines are. Ducati will take over the role of the unit utilization in the Motoe from 2023. The field of electric motor wheels consists of 18 drivers.

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