Motorcycles: Fabio Quartararo requires progress: no premature contract extension

The success secrecy of Quartararo: "I'm a lot of quiet"

 The success secrecy of Quartararo: "the goal is clear. I want to become world champion or at least struggle." Fabio Quartararo is in the MotoGP season 2021 on the best way to create this goal. Six races before the end of the season, the Yamaha driver has comfortable 65 World Cup points ahead on defending champion Joan me (Suzuki). , even in the previous year, Quartararo led the World Cup rating for a long time, but some difficult races did not destroy any title chance. He fell back in the fall even on World Cup course.

Fabio Quartararo fordert mit Nachdruck mehr Motorleistung © Motorsport Images Fabio Quartararo demands more engine power

MotoGP World Master Fabio Quartararo made a disappointed impression after the first winter test day in Jerez. The Frenchman had wanted a stronger engine from Yamaha. He is not satisfied with the result.

"We tried a very similar motorcycle as the Misano Test," says Quartararo. "To be honest, it was the motorcycle of Misano. Otherwise we have tried a new rear-wheel swingething and electronics settings."

"But honestly, it was very similar to Misano. We have to work more to make progress. This motorcycle is the first step. We hope for more at the Sepang test." This takes place in the beginning of February.

MotoGP: Bagnaia Winner in San Marino, but Quartararo solid leader of the

 MotoGP: Bagnaia Winner in San Marino, but Quartararo solid leader of the Championship © Andreas Solaro / AFP Bagnaia is needed in front of Quartararo Nothing stops Francesco Bagnaia. The Italian won his second race in a row, Sunday at the Grand Prix of San Marino in Misano, resistant to the return of French Fabio Quartararo in the last turns. Say like that, the affirmation could scare the ambitions of title of the young Nice of 22 years. Except that mathematically, there is no fire at the lake for French.

"I have expected more because of this motorcycle has been working for a very long time. I'm sure Yamaha tries a lot, but it's true that I expected myself more from this first day of the test. Ducati is on this short straight line faster than us. "

Fabio Quartararo © Motorsport Images Fabio Quartararo

His status as a world champion uses Quartararo to exert pressure on Yamaha. An early contract extension in December or January for the years 2023 and 2024, the French excludes the Frenchman at this time.

"At least before the test in Malaysia, I will not sign anything. I want to see the evolution of the motorcycle. I think that's normal. I want to sign nothing for 2023 before not starting in 2022."

"I know my value. I'll wait a bit to see how the team is positioning with Yamaha. Above all, I want to see the evolution of the new motorcycle in Sepang. I demand important things.

" I should see that You go into a completely different direction, then that can influence my future with Yamaha. I really hope you listen to me. But it's not just me, even 'Dovi' and Franco demand for more engine power. "

of this makes Quartararo dependent on his future, because the races in Portimao and Valencia have shown how difficult it is against Ducati." Yamaha knows exactly the weaknesses . You also see clearly what the weak point is. "

Fabio Quartararo takes Yamaha in the duty: "Jerez test was not positive" .
"we have tried many things, but I have not felt a progress," says the two MotoGP test days in Jerez the conclusion of World Champion Fabio Quartararo. The Yamaha driver has already stated after the first day of the test that he expects greater progress for the next test drives in February 2022. © Motorsport Photo Therefore, for him, an premature contract extension for 2023 and 2024 in December or January is not an issue .

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