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Motorcycles: Hamilton provoked with rainbow helmet

Mercedes wants to fight in the Tempo Temple Monza

 Mercedes wants to fight in the Tempo Temple Monza After the mood highlight in the dunes of Zandvoort, WM-leader Max Max Stappen must be made in the Tempo Temple of Monza on the counterattack of record world champion Lewis Hamilton. © Andrej Isakovic / Pool AFP / AP / DPA wants to retract his sixth victory in Monza: Mercedes-Pilot Lewis Hamilton. Some should actually speak for the silver arrows, superstar Hamilton dares in the gripping World Cup fight with stages in the Red Bull but no forecast.

The world champion sets a clear sign in the premiere of Formula 1 in Qatar and thus refers to the dramatic position of homosexuals in the emirate.

Hamilton provoziert mit Regenbogen-Helm © Provated by Hamilton provoked with rainbow helmet

with a rainbow helmet has made world champion Lewis Hamilton at the premiere of Formula 1 in Qatar on the dramatic location of homosexuals in the Emirate at the Persian Gulf. (Data: The racing calendar of Formula 1)

on the back of the helmet, the Hamilton wore during the first free workout, is in Silverner Scripture: "We Stand Together" (we hold together).

homosexuals threaten in Qatar for several years imprisonment. According to Sharia law, even death penalities are possible.

This is necessary to know at the Grand Prix of Russia

 This is necessary to know at the Grand Prix of Russia Only five World Cup points is the projection of max stages in the Formula 1 overall standings on Lewis Hamilton. © John Thys / Pool AFP / AP / DPA Max Max (R) and Lewis Hamilton provide an exciting struggle for the overall standings. at the Grand Prix of Russia in Sochi is expected on Sunday (14.00 pm / sky) the next duel between the Dutchman in the Red Bull and the British World Champion in Mercedes. Last in Italy, both were collided and excreted.

At the press conference on Thursday, Hamilton had avoided a clear position on human rights situation in Qatar. "It's hard to talk about it. As a driver we do not have the choice where we drive. They take steps forward here, that will not improve overnight. It is still a long way, "the seven-time world champion declared. (News: All current information on Formula 1)

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addressed to the situation of Hamilton had added work migrants: "If we come here, we have to draw attention to this."

Qatar is strong in criticism due to the disregard of basic human rights and exploitation of work migrants for years. Especially the construction of the stadiums for the football World Cup 2022 is in focus.

Hamilton world champion by collision? "I would never want to win!"

 Hamilton world champion by collision? © Motorsport Images Lewis Hamilton wants to stip the hand rich of the World Cup fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Stapen takes on dramatics, which continues the season progresses - and no one knows, in which highlight you ends. The collisions in Silverstone and in Monza may have given a taste of what could still expect us. For now both seem in the tight duel - Hamilton only two points in front - no compromises to enter. That was different at the beginning of the season.

Now Hamilton put at least one non-verbal sign with his rainbow helmet with a view of the situation of gays in Qatar.

sporty it did not ran around for Hamilton in the first training. While his World Cup rival max stood for a clear fastest round, Hamilton managed only the fourth best time. (Data: The Team Clarification of Formula 1 )

In addition, was acquired after the hard duel with Hamilton at the Grand Prize of Formula 1 in Brazil released last Sunday and gets no penalty.

Hamilton comes with 14 points behind stages in the third last race of the season on Sunday. (Data: The Driver's Development of Formula 1)

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Mercedes trembles: Hamilton resignation would be a shock for Formula 1 .
On February 18th, Mercedes wants to present his Formula 1 boliding for the new season in a "special digital" event in Silverstone. The car is not supposed to be in black as well, but to recall colors back to the legendary silver arrow. But the question that is like an elephant in the room is: Will Lewis Hamilton continue to drive in Formula 1 at all? © Provided by Berliner Kurier It has become quiet around the seven-fitting Champion Lewis Hamilton.

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