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Motorcycles: "Moral champion" Fernandez feels team stood in way of his Moto2 title bid

Moto2 Aragon FT1: Navarro displaces Lowes from the top

 Moto2 Aragon FT1: Navarro displaces Lowes from the top © Motorsport Images Jorge Navarro Lights Sam Lowes the best time at the end of Jorge Navarro, Boscoscuro brought the best-free training of Moto2 in Aragon's best time. The Spaniard repressed Sam Lowes (Kalex), which had long cited the session, in the final phase of the top, and that clearly. With 1: 53,100 minutes, Navarro distanced the second place in 0.473 seconds . Marco Bezzecchi (Kalex) finished training as a third party. He was missing a little more than half a second.

Fernandez stunned in his rookie Moto2 season this year, winning eight races – surpassing Marc Marquez’s haul of seven from his debut Moto2 campaign in 2011 – and narrowly missed out on the championship by four points to Ajo team-mate Remy Gardner, who won five times.

Raul Fernandez, Red Bull KTM Ajo © Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images Raul Fernandez, Red Bull KTM Ajo

Both riders will step up to MotoGP in 2022 with Tech3 KTM, with the pair on track on Thursday and Friday at the two-day Jerez test.

In an explosive interview with Autosport’s sister Spanish language website, Fernandez says, “nobody knew how to guide us” and feels he is more deserving of the championship.

Moto2 Misano FT1: Lüthi on wet route The fastest

 Moto2 Misano FT1: Lüthi on wet route The fastest © Motorsport Images Tom Lüthi moved the wet conditions in a best time around Tom Lüthi made in the first free training of the Moto2 in Misano for a unhoped best time . On wet track, the Swiss with 1: 50,140 minutes was the fastest before his Kalex brand colleagues Marco Bezzecchi and Nicolo Bullega. After a downpouration towards the end of the MotoGP training, the session of the Moto2 took place on completely wet route.

"It is clear that I have not been the champion, but morally I have in my head that I have achieved something that costs a lot,” the Spaniard said.

"The problem we had is that my whole team, and when I say my team I mean my mechanics, who I was very lucky to find such a special group, were inexperienced and nobody knew how to guide us.

"And that's why today we don't have the championship crown, but morally it has been proved by the result that I am the strongest rider, with more wins, poles, fastest laps...

"Remy is the champion, he has scored more points, but really with the speed we had and being a fish that swims against the current, I honestly feel morally champion.

"What we have done being all new and getting to know each other this year, it's impressive."

Yamaha is planning its own Moto2 team in collaboration with VR46

 Yamaha is planning its own Moto2 team in collaboration with VR46 © Motorsport Images Yamaha wants to establish a Moto2 team for his own junior drivers KTM and Honda have been pursuing a program for young riders for years in the small classes. In the Moto3 and the Moto2 class KTM works very successfully with the team of Aki Ajo. Honda is represented in both series with the "Honda-Team-Asia", which is headed by ex-racer Hiroshi Aoyama. Yamaha wants to establish a similar structure in the Moto2 from the season 2022. Planned is a collaboration with VR46.

Raul Fernandez, Red Bull KTM Ajo © Raul Fernandez, Red Bull KTM Ajo

Raul Fernandez, Red Bull KTM Ajo

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Images

When pressed on what he meant about not being guided properly, Fernandez added: "It is very easy to answer, I have lacked a hand to guide us, a hand to tell us, like little children before they trip over a stone, to be careful.

"A figure that would guide us and open the way for us, a figure that would want to help us to win, not a figure that would put stones and obstacles in our way so that we wouldn't succeed. That was the key.

"It's very nice to talk about being a champion when you've been in a category for six years, saying that I've been smarter.

"No, you haven't been smarter, you've been the one who has had the fewest stones put in your way."

Asked if those “stones” were placed in his way by the team, he said: "Yes. Everyone can understand it as they like, but we know it.

"It has cost us sweat and tears. In the middle of the year we talked and all of them [my mechanics] were having a hard time, we were all looking forward to the end of the season.

"In the end everyone understands what they want and I’m not going to go into the details of what happened."

Future in the Superbike World Cup? Marcel Schrötter toying with BMW M1000RR .
© Intactgp Marcel Schrötter does not see each other forever in the Moto2 World Cup Marcel Schrötter stands before his tenth full season in the Moto2 World Cup. The year 2022 will be groundbreaking for Schrötter, because the German does not seem to be in the Moto2. The climb in the MotoGP would be Schrötter dream ( more information ), but a change into the paddock of the Superbike World Cup would also be attractive.

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