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Motorcycles: Motorcycle Market sets vigorously - Europe new registrations 2021

Cecchinello criticizes Alex Marquez and Nakagami: "You have to work in itself"

 Cecchinello criticizes Alex Marquez and Nakagami: © Motorsport Images Unlike the previous year, Alex Marquez so far no podium ticket Marc Marquez remains the success guarantor of Honda. In the current season, the six-time MotoGP world champion has conquered three victories. Lastly, his teammate Pol Espargaro in Misano 2 managed the first podium place. The LCR duo was far away from the award ceremony. In the first 16 races a fourth place in Jerez was the best result of Takaaki Nakagami. Seven times the Japanese was in the top 10.

The motorcycle new registrations in Europe put in 2021 by 7.8 percent compared to 2020. With 949,470 motorcycles, however, the market is still below the 2019er result.

  Motorradmarkt legt kräftig zu - Europa-Neuzulassungen 2021 © Arturo Rivas

The Corona Pandemic and the associated personal restrictions as well as restrictions in industry and trade could obviously not affect the motorcycle passion in Europe. Like the European Motorcycle Manufacturer Association ACEM communicated, 949,400 motorcycles in 2021 (this classification includes two- and three-wheeled vehicles with a capacity of over 50 cc and electric motor wheels) released. The increase compared to 2020 is therefore 7.8 percent. The Corona burglary compared to 2019, however, is not quite caught up. At that time, 1,079,524 motorcycles were released .

As long as customers are waiting for their electric car

 As long as customers are waiting for their electric car that more and more motorists decide for electric cars can have different reasons. In addition to the environment and the money, the delivery time can also be a crucial factor in making whether one buys an electric car. © Provided by Smile Fight / Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular to decide for a car with electric drive, can have different reasons for motorists. For many, the protection of the environment and climate is a crucial factor.

Italy lace, Germany weakened

growing in the past year, however, not all volume markets. At the end of the year, Italy with 259,600 motorcycle new registrations and a plus of 23.6 percent clearly had the nose in front. Second force was France with 206,955 new registrations and an increase of 8.5 percent. Rank three goes to Germany with 199,132 new registrations. Here a decline in new registrations was 9.7 percent. The Spanish Motorcycle Market was able to increase by 8.0 percent and reached 166,513 new registrations. The British motorcycle market grows by 10.2 percent to 107,270 motorcycles.

Electromotor wheels lay down to

increased significantly in almost all markets, the electrically powered motorcycles. Over the entire market, the ACEM 23,084 recalls new registrations and thus 28.2 percent more than in 2020. Largest electric motorcycle market remains with 6,233 new registrations and a plus of 10.9 percent. Spain takes place in second place with 5,494 e-motorcycle new registrations, but a minus of 6.5 percent. Satt upwards went to the e-bikes in France. 4.585 new registrations ensure a plus of 61 percent. At least 3,541 new registrations with an increase of 30.1 percent bring on the German market. But the absolute bird shoots the British: 3,231 New registrations of electric motorcycles mean a plus of fabulous 243.4 percent.

Motorcycle Monday: Keanu Reeves’ Motorcycle Collection

  Motorcycle Monday: Keanu Reeves’ Motorcycle Collection It might not be huge, but the man knows what he likes to ride… By now you probably know actor Keanu Reeves is not only a badass, he’s really into motorcycles. The man is co-founder of ARCH Motorcycle, a company poised to redefine American performance cruisers. He reportedly rides often and the man owns a nice little collection of motorcycles.Check out Ryan Reynolds’ motorcycle collection here.But first a fun little fact: Reeves didn’t grow up riding. He didn’t learn how until he was shooting a film in Munich in the late 80s.

Each fourth moped with electric drive

do not keep up with the motorcycle market could the market of mopeds - than the two-wheelers up to 50 cubics. Here, the ACEM recorded 264,907 units throughout Europe and a minus of 5.6 percent compared to 2020. The 50s were particularly popular in France. Here, 100,929 were redesigned (plus 1.9%). The traditional Dutch market traditional in this segment only comes to 73,972 new 50s (- 12.7%). Belgium is 6.0 percent below the previous year with 26,832 new 50s. In Germany, 24,026 mopeds provide a plus of 0.9 percent. In the motorcycle Hochburg Italy Mopeds play only a subordinate role. Accordingly, the new registrations are only with 20,162 units (- 5.6%). Spain comes to 18,886 mopeds (- 17.6%).

Around a quarter of the 50s newly approved in Europe with an electric drive (73,124 / + 23.3%). Most of them now operate in the Netherlands (25,996 / + 31.8%). E-mopeds were also heavily asked in France (20,786 / + 82.7%) and Belgium (15,917 / + 11.1%). In Italy (4,138 / - 17.9%) and Spain (6.287 / - 18.7%), however, the interest in e-mopeds made significant.

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