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Motorcycles: KTM in start series two and three: Best qualifying of the career for Brad Binder

More direction motocross: KTM with new motorcycle at the Rally Dakar

 More direction motocross: KTM with new motorcycle at the Rally Dakar © KTM Matthias Walkner relies on a new KTM 450 Rally between 2001 and 2007, KTM won the Rally Dakar in Africa and remained from 2009 to 2019 The Austrian brand unbeaten in South America issues. Then the rally moved to Saudi Arabia. 2020 and 2021 Honda KTM came from the throne and conquered two victories. In January 2022, KTM will try a completely newly developed 450 rally try to recapture the overall victory. "The idea was," says Matthias Walkner opposite '', "that we build

Startplatz vier ist das beste Ergebnis von Brad Binder © Motorsport Images Startseite Four is the best result of Brad Binder

"I feel that we have made a step forward in qualifying," nods Miguel Oliveira After the qualification for the second MotoGP race of the season 2022. On the new Mandalika route, both KTM drivers have qualified directly for Q2. Finally, Brad conquered Binder Startplace four and Oliveira rank seven.

In the starting position, both are thus right behind each other. "That's my best MotoGP qualifying," says binder about his good starting position. Already in Qatar, the South African has shown that he can be with a good start in the top group.

A big topic were in Indonesia the rear tires of Michelin. Compared to the test in mid-February, the quota was changed. There are tires used with a stiffer carcass. This tire was used for the last time in Thailand 2019.

New Naked Bike The Old Italian - MOTOBI DL 400 Naked 2022

 New Naked Bike The Old Italian - MOTOBI DL 400 Naked 2022 After the 125er models Motobi attaches an interesting A2 bike with the DL 400 Naked. © Motobi After a good 40 years of break Motobi returned under the direction of the Leeb Group from Austria. First with two 125 models from Chinese production. 2022 Followers a handsome 400 machine with a strong twin and full price. Motobi DL 400 Naked after all 5,799 euros are on the price tag of the Motobi DL 400 Naked.

Honda and Suzuki have great difficulties with this "old" tire. At KTM, this is not an issue as Oliveira holds: "We have developed the motorcycle since 2020 with the new carcass."

"I see no reason why the motorcycle should not work with the old carcass. It is another tire. Of course we have to adapt a few things, but our motorcycle is currently working with any tire."

This tire with the stiffer carcass offers a little less grip. That could be problematic in the race, Binder believes: "The tires work okay and wear is not crazy either. But the tires offer little grip on the corner input."

"If you throw the motorcycle into the curve, then you have no support from the rear tire. You have to exercise a lot of pressure on the front tire and one directs virtually only with the front wheel. That will be the key in the race."

And what is possible for KTM in the race? Can binder fight for win two weeks ago? "Difficult to say how my pace is. I do not know what happened, but the fourth training was a disaster from the beginning to the end." Details did not call binder.

Even Oliveira does not dare prophecy. After the fall in Qatar, a target arrival is its ultimate goal: "My Pace looks good, but I do not know how the true potential looks like. I was in every workout in the top 10 and think that will be our placement tomorrow. "

The tech-3 rookies differed in Q1. Raul Fernandez qualified as 21st and Remy Gardner as 22.

Verlässt Quartararo Yamaha? Manager bestätigt Gespräche mit anderen Marken .
© Motorsport Images Wie wird sich Fabio Quartararo für seine Zukunft entscheiden? Wird Fabio Quartararo auch im nächsten Jahr für Yamaha fahren, oder gibt es einen Wechsel zu einer anderen Marke? Das ist derzeit die große Frage im MotoGP-Paddock. Der Vertrag des Weltmeisters läuft mit Saisonende aus. Quartararo kritisiert seit Monaten die ausbleibenden technischen Fortschritte. Speziell beim Motor hat Yamaha nicht die gewünschte Leistung gefunden.

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