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Gamestop recruits staff for planned NFT platform

 Gamestop recruits staff for planned NFT platform The US retail chain Gamestop has been in a financial crisis for years. By building a separate trading platform for NFTs, the company hopes higher gains. © Provided by Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images • Gamestop recruits new employees for NFT platform • NFT platform is to lead gamestop from the crisis • Video game industry looks great benefit in NFT technology American retail chain Gamestop wants a separate trading platform for digital certificates of authenticity, so-called NFT

Jonathan Rea steht vor seiner 14. Saison in der Superbike-WM © Motorsport Images Jonathan Rea stands before his 14th season in Superbike World Cup

in February, Jonathan Rea celebrated his 35th birthday. In the Superbike World Cup , the record champion is one of the routiniers. However, Rea can still keep up with the young driver generation. That's why he does not see the end of his career yet.

On the motivation, according to Rea, it does not lack before the start of the season 2022. "It's identical if you want to defend the title or if you want to defeat someone to retrieve the title. My motivation is at high point," the Nordire clearly represents.

The resignation of long-term rival Chaz Davies in September 2021 has surprised Rea. "It was strange as Chaz returned. He was the biggest rival in my career. I wanted to go to him and ask him if this feeling of season on season continues to build or if it's one day, one wakes up and says That it is enough, "commented on the Kawasaki pilot.

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"For me, this time will come too, but it is not that far. I do not see this time before me," Rea makes it clear and adds: "As long as I fight for victories and have fun, I'll still have fun drive."

in the WSBK season 2022 Rea starts again for the first time since 2015 with the number 65. Can he prevail against World Champion Toprak Razgatlioglu and retrieve the number 1? "Whether Toprak is the driver who is considered? You would be stupid to bet against him. He's as a favorite in the season," says Rea.

Jonathan Rea, Michael van der Mark, Chaz Davies © Lat Jonathan Rea, Michael van der Mark, Chaz Davies

"I'm curious how strong he will be 2022," gruesed Rea and expects rumors to be a distraction for Razguloglu over a possible MotoGP climb. It is expected that Razgatlioglu tests the MotoGP-Yamaha in the coming months and returns to the premier class in 2023.

Lamborghini turnaround: T3 team is now DTM factory support?

 Lamborghini turnaround: T3 team is now DTM factory support? © T3 Motorsport The T3 team has managed to bring a second Huracan to the start T3 team boss Jens wet was disappointed at the end of last year bitter, as a manufacturer Lamborghini of the young troupe from Dresden the factory support for the DTM Season 2022 desaturated.

Until then, Razgatlioglu still has work in the Superbike World Cup. "In the Superbike World Cup you can never be sure. Toprak is the favorite, but in the 2021 season, many drivers made it to the podium - partly unexpected. I expect a similar season. The former rookies now have more experience and better motorcycles , The manufacturers have more knowledge, "Rea looks back to his 14th season in the Superbike World Cup.

Toprak Razgatlioglu © Motorsport Images TOPRAK RAZGATLIOGLU

Schmidt misses in Mainz "The absolute will" .
It draws like a red thread through the second half: Mainz 05 plays two different 45 minutes. Also at the 0: 0 against the VFB Stuttgart it was only after the side change. © picture Alliance / dpa / Reuters-Pool Trainer Bo Svensson and sports director Martin Schmidt Missing the intensity in Mainz game.

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